Fuzzy Hall and Red Bull Bring Stomping Grounds To Chicago


Dirt + Street+ Construction Zone? This contest that Fuzzy designed looks amazing.

This summer, one man's pile of dirt will become another man's treasure. Red Bull Stomping Ground will transform an abandoned construction zone into the ultimate dirt playground in Chicago on May 15, 2010. Thousands will be able to witness a BMX dirt competition that will bring the tricks of the trails to an urban mecca, as riders from all over the world will meet in the Windy city to prove who has the best skills.

The abandoned construction site at the corner of Wells and Harrison in the heart of the city will be morphed into a one-of-a-kind BMX field of dreams. With a course designed by BMX legend Fuzzy Hall, dirt jumps will be mixed with found items in the construction site to challenge riders in a truly urban setting. Unlike many contests where the course must be built in several days, Red Bull Stomping Ground will be shaped over 3 weeks, giving ample time for the mind of Hall to run wild. He promises "turns, twists, hips, tons of options and just fun."

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