Cam whites 2011 hillside jam on fuel TV Australia


Cam White has some of the biggest BMX Dirt Jumps in the world and back in February, Cam had his 5th successful Hillside Dirt Jam right in the backyard of his parents house in Canberra, Australia.

Unit put together a show for Fuel TV and it's about to play in Australia. Hopefully in a few months time it will be airing in the States also.

The show features the biggest names in BMX dirt jumping such as Hucker, Dane Searls, Brandon Dosch, Cam White, James Foster, Anthony Napolitan, Jed Mildon, Colin Mackay and many more. Here are the first on air times for the show.

Fuel TV Australia only!

Friday September 9th - 8.00pm (PREMIERE)
Saturday September 10th - 10.00am
Sunday September 11th - 12.30pm
Monday September 12th - 5.30am
Wednesday September 14th - 12.30pm
Friday September 16th - 7.00pm

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