VANS Let it Ride - fueled by Monster Energy


VANS Let it Ride - fueled by Monster Energy

Coming back for the 3rd season in a row the adventure continues with 12 riders spread across two teams traveling to the very south of Spain - the Canary Islands.

Tenerife and Grand Canary, the two main islands will be the playgrounds where both teams are set to explore the terrain, lifestyle and culture of what the islands have to offer.

Each team will be staying in a Vans Team house and be given nothing but their bikes and a van to find the best spots around. After 4 days, the teams switch islands, house keys and van keys - handing over their spots to the other crew giving each a chance to sessions the spots equally.

Two filmers and photographers will join the trip to capture all the adventures both, on and off the bikes and the last day will see both teams getting together for a final party to exchange their stories.

Dates: 4th November - 13th November

Destination: Tenerife & Grand Canary, Canary Islands - Spain

Riders: Dakota Roche (US)

Sean Sexton (US)

Gary Young (US)

Chase Hawk (US)

Ben Hennon (UK)

Bruno Hoffmann (GER)

Dan Lacey (UK)

Bas Keep (UK)

Kevin Kalkoff (FR)

Alex Valentino (FR)

Matthias Dandois (FR)

Eddie Zunda (FR)

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