Josh Harrington interview on RideBMX


Josh Harrington get's some love on RideBMX this week. Check the full interview HERE

We were shooting photos once in Greenville, and I remember some dude who was jogging past stopped and talked to you, and after you pulled the trick you rode over to us and mentioned that the jogger was your high school teacher or something. What was it like being born and raised in “Pro Town?”

"That guy was my little league baseball coach. I played every sport I could up until I was 12 years old in 1996 which is when I found BMX. He shouted out to me and said, “Hey Josh it’s cool to see you are still riding that little bike” and he wished me the best. It’s a pretty small town, as well, so it’s easy to run into people that have lived here for years. Growing up in Greenville has been rad. When I first started riding it wasn’t anything like it is now. People didn’t move here for the parks or to do better in contests. Back in the day the riders in Greenville were more like a family, now it seems some people come to town just in hopes of doing better in contests. Everyone that comes here has a good time—it’s hard not to."

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