Sandoval at FISE


This past weekend seventeen year old Daniel Sandoval traveled to Montpelier in the South of France for FISE, a contest now into its sixteenth year.

FISE has MTB, Wake Boarding, and Skate Boarding events and for BMX they have Flatland, Dirt, Park, Mini Ramp and a Mega Ramp style jump.

This year for the first time FISE was live on Eurosport TV. The organizers told the network that there's no clock or buzzer for the runs and if the rider wants to take 10 tries at a trick he can! No problem! This is a format that would not fly at X Games.

Sandoval finished the weekend with a 3rd in Mini, and 4th in Park.

Here's a quick Q & A on the up and coming star.

Vans: First trip to FISE right? DS: Yeah first FISE, it was great, there was a lot of energy from the crowd!

Vans: With thousands of people screaming for you at FISE why do you have to run headphones haha? DS: I wear my headphone because it keeps me calm an relaxed.

Vans: What are you listening to? DS: I listen to Hip Hop of Dubstep.

Vans: X Games is coming up and you got invited, congrats on that! What are thoughts on X? DS: I am honored to be in it I can't wait to ride the course.

FISE Montpellier: Mini Ramp Highlights - More BMX Videos

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