RebelJam 2012 results!


RebelJam 2012 is over, thanks to all the watched the great coverage online and if you were lucky enough to attend I'm sure you had the best weekend ever. Start saving and get to RebelJam 2013!

For more results, head HERE to the official RebelJam site. They're replaying the coverage from the event in case you missed it. 

PARK Hard Trick Award 1. Andy Buckworth 2. Daniel Sandoval 3. Ben Hennon
PARK Creative Award 1. Gary Young 2. Ben Hennon 3. Maxime Charveron
PARK Style Award 1. Kevin Kalkoff 2. Bas Keep 3. Daniel Sandoval

FLAT Style Award 1.Matthias Dandois 2. Jesse Puente 3. Kevin Nikulski
STREET 1. Dan Lacey 2. Bruno Hoffmann 3. Diogo Santos 4. Ed Zunda 5. Dakota Roche

DIRT Hard Trick Award 1. Daniel Sandoval 2. Rob Darden 3. David Godziek
DIRT Style Award 1. Daniel Sandoval 2. Dan Foley 3. Kevin Kalkoff

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