Vans BMX Am 3 Contest Recap


One word sums up both Vans BMX Am contests this year......INSANE! Orlando ran their contest on Saturday, April 3rd and The Block ran their contest on Saturday, April 10th. With guest judges Cory Nastazio, Ryan Guettler, Chase Hawk and many other Vans pros, the kids brought out their A game. The mezzanines were full and the music cranked. Check out the results and photos below...stay tuned for a video from The Block.

Saturday, April 3rd

Vans Skatepark

Orlando, FL

Sponsored Division

1st - Ricky Rogers

2nd - Trey Jones

3rd - David Mahoney

16+ Division

1st - John Wolski

2nd - Ian Holm

3rd - Chris Crouch

6 - 15 Division

1st - Sam Ostrowski

2nd - Lars Pepaske

3rd - Freddie Smith

Saturday, April 10th

Vans Skatepark

The Block Orange, CA

Sponsored Division

1st - Daniel Sandoval

2nd - Michael Rodriguez

3rd - Ismael Pulidr

16+ Division

1st - Juan Guerrero

2nd - Andrew Castaneck

3rd - Jonathan Kikana

6 - 15 Division

1st - Thomas Kendrink

2nd -Diego Enriquez

3rd - Nick How

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