Vans scored three wins out of four at FISE 2010 in France


After slaying it on the Vans Wheels of Rock Tour, Gary Young and Diogo Canina rode in the popular FISE contest last weekend. Gary qualified first and took home a second place in the finals with a crazy gap to tire slide that you have to see to believe. Ender clip in this event video:

Seriously, how many ways could that have gone wrong? Also enjoy Mark Webb's 720 decade and Diogo's boosted 360 tabletop. Mark Webb ended up winning the mini ramp contest - but honestly that was written on the wall the second he dropped in.

Here's how the rest of the guys ended up:

Park Pro 1st - Ale Barbero
Park Pro 2nd - Gary Young
Park Pro 4th - Bruno Hoffman

Miniramp Pro 1st - Mark Webb

Flatland Pro 1st - Matthias Dandois

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