Cams Jam 2011


The 2011 Cam White Hillside Jam proudly sponsored by Vans shoes went off in usual fashion, huge crowd, huge jumps, and some wild moves that only the brave dare attempt.

Cams Jam is into it's fifth year and is run straight from Cams parents yard in an outback town near Canberra, Australia.

This year riders from Australia, New Zealand and a handful of Americans took on the course in a jam style format just after the sun set.

A few broken bones, broken forks and more than a few riders limping after the event goes to show how burly this event is.

Vans flow rider Jed Mildon from N.Z has had two massive weekends in Australia. After manning up and taking the win last weekend in Victoria, he through down all day but in best trick jam here in Canberra he blasted three double back flips nailing the third attempt on the jump they were calling "Big dog", so you know it was massive... Eight foot lip, thirty plus feet long! The riders judged and came we came to the conclusion that Jed should split the cash with James Foster who landed an opposite tail whip to double tail whip back, all on one jump! Wow.

Aussie Josh Stead rocking Vans shoes and won the overall title of the rider with the most style. Josh was cranking all his moves all night and was killing it. Josh is actually undefeated in this category!

A great turn out of BMX fans and professional riders to put on one hell of a show. If you love BMX dirt, you really need to get to one of Cams Jams in the future, it'll be one of the wildest things you can ever experience, both on and off the bike.


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