Ali in Phoenix


Alistair, Gary and Ben Hennon are all out in Phoenix this week hitting up some skateparks and racing the first day of the ABA BMX National on Saturday. Ali and Ben rode all day yesterday and had this to report: Day 1 of the Protec/Vans trip was epic. It started off at the Chandler park and it was bright and hot- mid 90s. But I was not complaining because I left 37 degree weather in PA. So I'm happy. Then we loaded the rig up and the fridge and drove into Indian land and sessioned some private trails and found the good lines. It was a little windy but we made it work. Around the jumps were mad old cars just rotting in the sun. W drove further into the desert to find a pool, but not for a quick dip- to slash some coping and carve the light. Good times. On google earth all morning to find another empty deep end. More soon. Picking up Gazza right now....

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