Vans Ital Demo Trip in the Eyes of Colin Mackay...


"Last weekend I got to go all the way to Naples, Italy for three days Invited by Vans shoes to perform for the troops and their families on base.

It was my first time to Naples, and at first I didn't think we would leave base, but we were probably off base more than on.

I ate Pizza everyday, why not, It's know to be first introduced in this town, and I wasn't going to miss a night without it. I definitely had a gut ache by the last night.

The two demo's went well, it was windy in the 2nd show which was a bummer but I don't think Scotty Cranmer even felt it. The kid destroyed it.

What a great weekend and to think that we do these trips just to break up the norm for the troops is a good feeling, and it feels like its worth it.

Thanks Vans for a great time once again."
-Colin Mackay

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