Vans BMX Pros at SLC Dew Tour


Dirt finals went down tonight in Salt Lake City, Dew Tour stop 2.

Gary Young did really well to get in the finals and rode really well tonight. Switching 3's back and forth all the way down. Gary looked like he was enjoying himself. Gary finished 9th.

Cam White through some good runs, in his 2nd run he went for a superman seat grab flip on the first set, something he hasn't done before! Cam had a rough 2010 and has now made both finals and is getting back to form. Tonight Cam finished 10th.

The talk of 2011 Kyle Baldock was tipped to win tonight in SLC, but after messing up 2 runs of 3 he finished in 11th! Kyle said Dirt is just a bonus for him and he didn't expect to be doing so well, but he fits right in and is a major threat to any event he enters. 2 of Kyles runs included Double Back Flips first set, but he couldn't keep it flowing to be able to trick the next jump. Tonight was the first time Kyle has had some pressure and he took it well. His riding is just on a very high level and it's hard to pull it all off on demand. The kid has a bright future for sure.

Jaie Toohey looks right at home on BMX Dirt. He is a pleasure to watch and is a favorite among his peers. He boosts airs, cranks variations and has a unique style that almost got him on the podium tonight. Jaie finished 4th.

After the contest, The Dew Tour put $5,000 on the line for best trick. Jaie and Kyle participated in the event and put on quite a show. Jaie pulled his first ever Backflip Triple Tailwhip! And Kyle laid out a bunch of moves but the one that took the cash was a new one, a 360 Downside Whip to Double Whip back!

Congrats to the Vans team for a great event. The final Dew Tour is in Las Vegas October 13-16. Get there if you can!

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