Josh Harrington "Other Skills"


Josh Harrington has had his fair share of time spent both in front of the lens, as well as behind it. Josh has made his own videos in the past including "Against The Grain" circa 2001 and "End Search" circa 2007.

Lets see what interests Josh enough to do more than just ride a BMX bike extremely well.

How old were you when you first got into video cameras?

Got stoked on filming and editing when I first started riding when I was 13. It's fun to film your homies and vise versa. The footage is rad to look back on and motivates you to progress and have more fun on and off the BMX.

Do you remember your first video camera?
Yeah it was a piece of crap Sony trv-10 or something

Why did you decide to capture the life and times of your crew?
Keep the motivation going and the memories documented.

Is it a money maker to put out a DVD?
All of my sponsors chipped in some for travel to help me get the
projects moving. That helped a lot but there is no money to be made
when the video ends up online a few days after it goes on sale.
Whatever though!!!

Whats your take on web vids dropping like video parts in 2011?
Good and bad. It's making riding progress really fast but the progressive riding gets forgotten really fast as well. I'm stoked people are still putting the effort in to make dope DVD's!

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