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Gary's experimenting with no brakes right now. Read more of what's going on in his life including 2012 Dew Tour plans, having a baby and being on VANS for 10 years now!

As far as Odyssey goes, you’ve been running their stuff for what feels like forever. At least since I got into riding and started seeing you in magazines. How long has it exactly been and would you like to comment on your history with Odyssey?

Damn…wow…basically, when I was in high school, probably like 11 years ago, I was riding for Dirt Bros…and Vic was on Odyssey and Vans and just put it in their ear, like, “you gotta hook up this kid Gary,” and I was just really fortunate and have had a lasting relationship with them throughout the years. As far as on the pro team…I would say this is probably gonna be coming up on my 10th year on Odyssey and about the same for Vans.

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