Guettler Checking In


“I just wanted to check in and fill you in on what I’ve been up to the last few weeks.
In case you missed it, my Monster edit
This past weekend was the Las Vegas Xtreme Thing 2012 Dirt Comp. Practice was really amazing and the jumps were massive but the wind kicked in and no one could get through the jumps so we had a best trick comp on the last jump. It was just like it sounds pretty lame but at least we made some thing happen. I got to do a superman flip and 720 - just played safe in the wind and had a good time.
My good mate Jaie Toohey has moved in so were riding dirt every day. I’ve been showing him some of my spots in Cali and I even got a dirt bike to play on the track which has been really fun, it’s just good to take a day off BMX and enjoy something else fast.
We have been going to Woodward a lot because its one of the most fun places on earth. I’ve been working on a few new stunts for this years comps so I’m keen to show every one soon. Talk soon.”

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