26 become 11, Dew Tour park prelims


Today in Ocean City, Maryland twenty six riders dropped in for three, forty five second runs. Best run counts and now we have eleven riders for tomorrows semi final. Scotty Cranmer watched today as a bonus for his 2011 season. He will compete tomorrow.

Pat Casey had a flat rear tire just a couple minutes before his name was to be called for run 0ne, with a pit crew on hand, the tire was ready to go and he literally picked up his bike, dropped in and qualified 2nd! Unreal!

Kyle Baldock messed up his first two runs, leaving all the pressure in the world for run three. Kyle pulled it though and qualified in 6th.

Saturdays semi final looks like this. Top 6 will go to Sundays final.

Scotty Cranmer (VANS)
Brett Banasiewicz
Pat Casey (VANS)
Drew Bezanson
Harry Main
Daniel Sandoval (VANS)
Kyle Baldock (VANS)
Ryan Nyquist
Gary Young (VANS)
Garrett Reynolds
Chad Kerley
Andy Buckworth (VANS)

The semis kicks off at 5:30pm ET and televised on NBC Sports at 11pm ET.

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For more info click HERE for the Dew Tour site

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