CVLT Premiere and TX toast this weekend!


This Friday night October 12th in Austin, TX the long awaited CVLT video "TALK IS CHEAP" is set to Premiere. Look for full parts from Vans pros Dakota Roche, Chase Hawk, Baz Keep, Tre Jones, Bobby Simmons and Timmy Theus.

On Saturday 13th and Sunday the 14th also in Austin, the Texas Toast is on again. This year Taj went bigger and better with Street, Dirt, Flat and the "Gauntlet of Death". I'm sure it will be very challenging again. Last year only a few made it through, Scotty Cranmer was the first I believe.

Look for these Vans pros to compete at Texas Toast...

Street - Gary Young, Sean Sexton, Dakota Roche, Ryan Guettler, Chase Hawk, Ben Hennon, Trey Jones, Eric Lichtenberger, Dillion Lloyd, Ronnie Napolitan, Hoang Tran, Dan Foley,  and Codey Levesque

Dirt - Chase Hawk, Gary Young, Dakota Roche, Ryan Guettler, Ben Hennon, Kevin Kalkoff, Rob Darden, Trey Jones, Ronnie Napolitan, Codey Levesque, and Dan Foley

Flatland - Matthias Dandois, Alex Jumelin.

Registration for Texas Toast has closed, and it will $5 to get in. For more info check the site HERE and also check out the video interview with Taj as he explains a few things.

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