BMX Adventurcation in Guam


The Vans crew just returned from a week in Guam riding skateparks, snorkeling and doing demos for the troops at the US Navy base.  Guam is a small tropical island about 1400 miles off the coast of Japan   that has been inhabited for about 4000 years. Right now is a US territory and has insane scuba, snorkeling and a kick ass skatepark.  This is the Van's team's 3rd time to Guam (2007 & 2010) and it was just as hot as the last two trips. Watch out for the video of Gary Young, Alistair Whitton, Michael Steingraber, Dennis McCoy, Coco Zurita and Ryan Guettler getting tropical in the next couple weeks. Big Thanks to Bill Marx with the NEX for all the hospitality.

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