Mackay in Israel


Colin Mackay checks in...
I just got back from a week in Israel! I went for Haro Bikes with Ryan Nyquist and Allan Cooke to do a few demo's at a trade show in Tel Aviv.

The Haro distributor there took us to the holiest city in the world Jerusalem and to the Dead Sea which was pretty insane. For one it's the lowest place on earth, 1,300 feet below sea level and two is that the water level has 40% salt content and when you go out in the water you float. Really weird.

The shows were good we actually did ten over three days but the crowds were great and were very grateful for us to come to them, most of the people commented saying they had only seen this stuff on TV.

Israel was a great time, the food was good, the people friendly and the weather was spot on. I wouldn't hesitate to go back one day.

Below is a video I made for Haro.

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