Journeys King of Prussia Photos


This past weekend Nasty, Gary Young, Scotty Cranmer, Ali Whitton and Ryan Guettler were in PA for the Journeys BBQ.

The boys put on two shows to a very enthusiastic crowd. Scotty was all over the ramp, blasting airs close to 8ft on the mellow 5ft ramp. Scotty even kicked a flair whip and pulled it. His first since 2007! Tailwhips either way, straight double Barspin airs and all the lip tricks in the world. Scotty put on a show!

Gary Young still rode good considering he has been out a month with a shoulder injury. Love his tables! Gary is expecting his first child so his phone was close by at all times. X Games is coming up in two weeks, lets hope Gary can still ride it.

Ali had a bit of trouble with flair's and when he finally got one he rode off the side of the 40ft ramp. He was having a good time though! Ali does really good Indian air's!

Guettler came off a Colony trip straight into a long flight out to the east coast for the demo's and still managed to pull no foot can flairs and some cool lip tricks like Hurricanes and Lawnmowers. A fan had Ryan sign his bike, it was a Guettler signature Mirra-Co from 2006!

Nasty dog Cory Nastazio took care of the early morning news show and local newspaper interviews on behalf of the Vans team. The kid is too famous! He rode the demo's but smashed his ankle flipping the smallest hip in history in show 1, so he was chillin for the 2nd demo. Good to see Nasty ride some ramps though.

It was such a good weekend thanks Micah Krans for announcing, all the fans for attending and Journeys for having us.

There's still a few stops left, check the Journeys BBQ site to catch the next one, unfortunately the Vans BMX team only hit the King of Prussia stop so if you missed us, see you next year!

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