Final Day in Phoenix with Pro-tec & Vans


From Alistair: "Day 3: Loaded up the RV and stopped by Stephen's house to ride his jumps in the back garden. He had a crazy 30-ft tall drop off roll in that gave you mad speed. After a fun session we stopped by Foundry Moto to do a Pro-Tec photo shoot. Foundy builds hot rod chopper bikes and there garage is a great back drop. Our friend gator is looking a bit fatter and extremely dangerous so we didn't pick the alligator up this year. Then we drove to the Aba track to check out some practice and the drag strip in back. We saw a van do a wheelie and some funny cars go 130mph. The race ended up being long but packed with excitement. Hennon had some issues with qualifying bu made it to the main with Gary and pummeled a guy who tried to make a pass on him. Hennon left him in the dirt, literally. Gazza claims he got 3rd but had to stick with a 4th place. I had a rough gate start and pulled off a 5th place finish to end the dusty weekend."

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