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TJ Ellis has a good chance at winning any dirt contest he enters. He has the biggest moves up his sleeve and sends them all the time, no matter if it's a morning ride with his Vans team mate, Luke Parslow or if he's in the finals at a major contest. TJ recently went down on a wild move that has been good to him in the past, and he is now on the bench.

CM: TJ, you recently went down at Nasty's Jam and ended up having to get surgery, what happened?
TJ: Yeah that was no good I came in sideways on a front flip tail whip and my leg locked in a straight position and that's all it took. I thought I had a small tear and sprain but instead it was my ACL that completely tore and my meniscus had a bucket handle tear so got that all fixed and I'm just recovering now.

CM: How long until we see you blasting some dirt jumps again?
TJ: I should be back riding around late July hopefully. It's hard to tell with this injury though I don't wanna push it too soon. I'm just hoping to be back strong as possible by the time 6 months comes around and start back where I left off at.

CM: What have you been doing in the down time?
TJ: I've been just doing a lot of exercises and I recently just started walking so that got me off the couch away from the PS3. I've been checking out sessions here and there and I'm going to try to film some people ride in the mean time.

CM: You've had a couple of big injuries lately. BMX proves to be a rough hobby as you now know. What are your thoughts on it now compared to a few years ago when you really rode pretty full throttle without any care?
TJ: I look at it the same because you can get hurt doing any trick at any given time so as I get older just trying to stay off the ground more and just get more dialed with the big tricks but when I feel good on my bike that always changes and I start sending myself again. I just gotta keep it on 2 wheels and stay consistent.

Can't wait to see you shredding again mate,

Colin Mackay

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