Ryan Guettler Update


"I just got back from Budapest. I went there for a Monster energy Dirt jump contest, had a really fun time and even got 2nd place!! They built the course for the comp but also to leave it there for the kids afterwards so they were very small jumps, which were hard for me to do my bigger tricks on, I wish they were bigger but it was amazing event. Thanks to every one over there at Monster for taking care of me and showing me a good time.

"I'm now back in Greenville getting ready for the 1st stop of the Dew Tour. I'm really excited, this year is going to be fun. I'll keep you up to date on more event.
Enjoy the photos from Hungry."


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Vans Video Vault: Vans x Cult Trip


A ten day road trip with two of the most progressive teams on two wheels? Welcome to the Vans x Cult "See You in the End" Norcal Roadtrip. Street, parks, pools; this video has it all. Stay tuned until July 1st to get your hands on the collection.

Vans Video Vault: Vans X Cult Trip - More BMX Videos

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Felt Bikes: Scotty Cranmer Edit


Scotty Cranmer shreds his home turf in New Jersey aboard his Felt Franchise Killer.

Felt Bikes: Scotty Cranmer Edit - More BMX Videos

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Pat Casey 2nd Place in NYC Times Square ASA Comp


Vans ramp shredder and all-around BMX phenom Pat Casey took home 2nd place in the Air In The Square contest last night in New York City. Pat was in a heated battle with Colton Satterfield who just came off a big win at the Mega Ramp test event last weekend. Pat was throwing down his usual nose-dive 360s, corked-out 360 double whips and 720s. Check out some of the shots over on Espn BMX. Congratulations Pat!


New shoe colorways for Fall!


Peep out Vans BMX Team rider Chase Hawk's endorsed colorway of the Owens Hi 2 and Scotty Cranmer's favorite color of the Desurgent. Also, watch out for a special collaboration between Vans and Cult coming your way July 1st.

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Coco Zurita Blasts at Mega Ramp Invitational


Coco Zurita just got back from South America two days ago and he is already going bigger than ever. Mega Ramp held a pro invitational at Woodward West this week and Coco took flight right from the get-go. While most riders were doing big tricks over the gap and barely airing the quarterpipe, Coco was speed jumping the gap and blasting 15ft + airs on the massive quarterpipe. Check the photos, Coco is nuts and walked away with 6th place and a better view than most people will ever see of Tehachapi.

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BMX Team Riders in Chile for Demo


Cranmer's Dragon Slayer run from Texas Toast!


The Gauntlet of Death is something you have to see to understand, and maybe then you still don't understand it. Check out Vital BMX's video from the Texas Toast Jam that starts out with Cranmer's run through the Gauntlet of Death. Watch for him to Ride over the Vans BMX slip-on shoe.

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Orange County Vans rider Pat Casey destroyed the FISE Park contest this weekend in the south of France. Despite having his gear, phone and wallet ripped off Pat threw down a never-before-seen back-flip decade and won the whole shebang not to mention a 3rd place in dirt at one of the gnarliest European contests of the year. Fellow Vans Euro rider Mark Webb also destroyed the mini ramp comp with a win against some of Dew Tour's finest.

Check the youtube vid and squint if you must to understand Casey's flip decade. Madness.
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Pat Casey Wins the FISE comp in France

Congrats to Vans Team Rider, Pat Casey placing 1st in Park with a Backflip Decade and 3rd in Dirt!

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Coco's Chilean Adventure Day 2


Today Coco and Colin hit the road west to check out a beach town called Valparaiso about 2 hours west of Santiago. After getting the boot from a couple skateparks on the way, Coco remembered a crazy ribbon structure off the highway that he always wanted to ride but never had the chance. A little 4x4 action up and over the curb and they were in the mix with trucks flying by at 90kpm. It was a pretty wild scene with cars honking and guys riding bikes on a giant concrete ribbon in middle of nowhere. Later on at the beach, Coco found a shark fin wallride thats he's ridden a bunch and made for some good wallride 180 photos. Tomorrow there is a Vans demo and another video session at the skatepark that Coco's dad runs near the house.

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Coco's Chilean Adventure Day 1


Coco Zurita made a trip back to his homeland of Chile with fellow Vans team mate Colin Mackay. The two riders made a long trip down to the most southern tip of the country to a place called Punta Arenas to check out a local contest in a place where the Atlantic meets the Pacific. The days were cold but the riding was good and there was an unreal local girl's BMX scene. When they got back to Santiago, Coco decided to make a day trip to some trails for Colin to check out and they ended up being set against an amazing backdrop of the Andes Mountains for one of the most amazing sunset sessions. On Friday they crew is headed to a beach town to check out a new skatepark and ride some undiscovered street.
Here is a shot of the Vert shredder riding dirt- who knew??

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