Vans Canada rider Dillon Lloyd has been added to the Eclat team. Check his welcome edit here. Too many bangers in this. Dillon rules!


The Guettler Tour Goes Big


Guettler his HB crew set sail for a weekend of park riding and fundraising for Maddog last month and now you can see all the action and antics in their exclusive video.  Pat Casey, Tj Ellis, Kevin Peraza, Larry Edgar, and Victor Salazar all get a piece of the action from Socal to AZ.
The Guettler Tour from Casey McPerry on Vimeo.

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Bruno back in Berlin


Germany's Bruno Hoffmann was born in Berlin and moved away at a young age. He's been living back there and working on a few edits with Redbull and here's episode 1 and it's unreal. Look for the French men Matthias Dandois and Anthony Perrin to clip up as well.


Heart and Soul Daniel Sandoval


It's pretty cool to see someone go film some bangers instead of waiting for the next big contest. Looks like Daniel isn't taking it easy in the contest off season. The 3 bar whip to bar must be a first?! Great collection of what Daniel is capable of right here.

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Guettler Tour promo


Ryan Guettler has a giant RV now and put it to good use hitting the road with the So Cal homies.

Full length web video out December 12.

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Codey and Dak edit


Not only can Dakota Roche kill it on a bike, but he's handy behind the lens as well. He actually filmed quite a few clips of the Cult crew in their new DVD "Talk is cheap."

Hear about this part filmed and edited by Dak right here...  

The homie Codey is very talented on bikes and boards and has been for most of the 20 years I've known him. How he can be so steezy on everything is beyond me. Stoked we managed to get this project done in the midst of both of our busy schedules. Yeeeeww! -Dakota Roche

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Dan Foley DIY


This is DIY at its finest. Dan Foley rode, filmed, and edited this masterpiece for his bike sponsor Premium Products. Dan has so much bike control!