Scotty Cranmer Wins X Games Gold, Casey Bronze


The whole world was watching when Vans BMX riders Scotty Cranmer, Gary Young, and Pat Casey faced off against the world's best BMX riders in the X Games Super Park Finals in downtown Los Angeles. Cranmer dropped some bombs early in his runs and let everyone know what was up with the Dirty Jersey. Gary was cruising high-speed lines and Pat Casey was linking some big air combos for the fans live on ABC this morning. In the end Cranmer took the win over Nyquist and Pat Casey earned a Bronze medal. The podium ceremony is tonight at 9pm Pacific time so if you can tune into Espn to check out Scotty and Pat on the podium you'll see one happy Cranmer. The big question is: Will he buy a Ferrari next?

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Dak is back! X Games BMX Street is no joke these days, but Dak put down the hammer in prelims and straight up dropped some heat in finals. While the rest of the field was caught up in tech lines, Dak was bashing wall rides from flat and big 360 and 180s down the stairs. This is Dak's third bronze medal to go with his one from last year and the one from Asian X. Bruno and Sexton were going nuts as well in one of the gnarliest X Games events in history. So many tech combos, so much insane riding. The whole crew is rocking new LXVI gear this weekend so stay tuned for Cranmer and the crew in BMX Park on Saturday morning at 10am Pacific on ABC!

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Vans Introduces LXVI


Today we launch Vans’ LXVI: the next evolution in footwear from the action sports original. With the active lifestyle of action sports in mind, LXVI offers versatile shoes free from traditional construction parameters, focused on everyday wear through superior comfort, flexibility and reduced weight. Fusing advanced designs with the familiar Vans aesthetic results in the next generation of your favorite shoes. Take a look at the collection...


X Games Street Today!

Today (Friday June 29) the 10 invited riders for X Games Street go head to head.

Dak Roche, Brunno Hoffmann and Sean Sexton have all been riding well in practice and are ready to throw down at 3pm Pacific, 6 ET

Watch it live on ESPN online.

@vansbmx66 are in LA if you want to join us on Twitter and Instagram.

Good luck boys!

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X Games LA... Now!


Well the event has arrived a little earlier than usual but the X Games starts later this week in LA. The Vans team have arrived and will begin practice today!

Competition begins June 29 with the first BMX event Street on Friday at 3pm. June 30 Saturday morning Park will get under way at 10am and Vert at 4:30pm. July 1 Big Air at 6:30pm

Street - Dakota Roche, Bruno Hoffman, Sean Sexton (Ty Morrow out with injury)

Park - Scotty Cranmer, Gary Young, Chase Hawk, Kyle Baldock, Pat Casey, Diogo Canina, Rob Darden, Bas Keep, Ben Hennon, Daniel Sandoval

Vert - Dennis McCoy, Coco Zurita, Simon Tabron

Big Air - Simon Tabron

Look for alternates Josh Harrington and Dan Foley to ride if someone is injured.

will be in LA so join them on instagram and twitter if you haven't already!

If you can't make it, you can watch it all go down on ESPN HERE. And HERE is the official X Games site for the latest.

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Guettler goes hard


Vans pro Ryan Guettler has shown numerous times over his career that a big crash won't slow him down. In 2005 he went from the back of an Ambulance at Dew Tour to come out and do his second run in win the contest. He recently moved to So Cal and has been revamping the legendary Sheep Hills.

Watch him get down at his local for a power hour with VitalBMX...

Power Hour: Ryan Guettler at Sheep Hills - More BMX Videos

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Vans X Shadow X Dans Demo July 7

Coming up in a couple of weeks, the Shadow crew consisting of Lahsaan Kobza, Trey Jones, Alistair Whitton and Eric Bahlman will be at Dans Comp headquarters in Indiana.

July 7 @ 4pm!

The Vans X Shadow shoe comes out Aug 1st at Dans.

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Baldock in Slo-Mo


This has been talked up for over a week now and for good reason when you rent a movie set and use a video camera worth $250,000!

No filler in this one. All bangers. And I'm not even sure how to describe the last move, switch whip 360 flip????

Kyle does look at the landing mid double flip and I wouldn't recommend anyone else trying that!

Kyle has X Games next week in LA. Get em kid!

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Wild Dan Lacey Monster edit!

Euro Vans team team rider Dan Lacey spent some time in The States to pump out this Monster Energy edit with Will Stroud. There's so many good clips in this! I nearly fell of my chair a few times. Tooth hang nose clip was tight!

Dak gets in there too with a nice homie clip.

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Guettler and his Dagger tattoo


Interesting tattoo video with Ryan Guettler.

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Baldock Ultra Slow Motion Drops Thursday


This Thursday, Kyle Baldock will be releasing a super slow motion video by his sponsor Unit and you'll be sure to see it. This video was filmed with a Phantom Flex camera worth $250,000, and as far as we know it is the first time such a shoot has been put together for BMX. It was all done inside a movie studio at Warner Brothers Studios on the Gold Coast. The official video drops Thursday, here are a couple behind the scenes photos.

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Journeys Backyard BBQ BMX Demo


Guettler how to Tailwhip

Learn from the best! Ryan Guettler goes through all the steps on how to whip.

Go HERE to watch the video on RideBMX. Good luck!

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Journeys King of Prussia Photos


This past weekend Nasty, Gary Young, Scotty Cranmer, Ali Whitton and Ryan Guettler were in PA for the Journeys BBQ.

The boys put on two shows to a very enthusiastic crowd. Scotty was all over the ramp, blasting airs close to 8ft on the mellow 5ft ramp. Scotty even kicked a flair whip and pulled it. His first since 2007! Tailwhips either way, straight double Barspin airs and all the lip tricks in the world. Scotty put on a show!

Gary Young still rode good considering he has been out a month with a shoulder injury. Love his tables! Gary is expecting his first child so his phone was close by at all times. X Games is coming up in two weeks, lets hope Gary can still ride it.

Ali had a bit of trouble with flair's and when he finally got one he rode off the side of the 40ft ramp. He was having a good time though! Ali does really good Indian air's!

Guettler came off a Colony trip straight into a long flight out to the east coast for the demo's and still managed to pull no foot can flairs and some cool lip tricks like Hurricanes and Lawnmowers. A fan had Ryan sign his bike, it was a Guettler signature Mirra-Co from 2006!

Nasty dog Cory Nastazio took care of the early morning news show and local newspaper interviews on behalf of the Vans team. The kid is too famous! He rode the demo's but smashed his ankle flipping the smallest hip in history in show 1, so he was chillin for the 2nd demo. Good to see Nasty ride some ramps though.

It was such a good weekend thanks Micah Krans for announcing, all the fans for attending and Journeys for having us.

There's still a few stops left, check the Journeys BBQ site to catch the next one, unfortunately the Vans BMX team only hit the King of Prussia stop so if you missed us, see you next year!

Join us @VansBMX66 instagram and twitter!

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ART BMX Magazine #8 Promo

ART Magazine is a fairly new BMX magazine but they seem to be doing it right. In this issue, Nasty, Darden and TJ escape the rough English weather for a plan B, Barcelona. Turned out to be a good move by the looks of this video promo for their issue 8 out now!

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Vans team are in PA!


The Vans BMX crew Ali Whitton, Ryan Guettler, Gary Young and Scotty Cranmer are in King of Prussia, PA for the Journeys Mall parking lot BBQ set for Saturday June 9!

Show times are set for 1 and 4pm.

Check out the pic of the guys working on some things in practice today. They were on the morning TV news plus one of them will be in the morning news paper. Cant wait to see that!

The ramp is pretty mellow and about 5ft tall, but Scotty was airing it at least 7ft today!

Follow us on @vansbmx66 on instagram and twitter for updates if you cant make it!

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Journeys Backyard BBQ Philly June 9!


This Saturday there's a free party in the King of Prussia Mall parking lot in PA.

Vans BMX team Cory Nastazio, Gary Young, Ryan Guettler, Ali Whitton, Coco Zurita and Scotty Cranmer will be on hand for demo's at 1:15pm and 4pm.

Live bands and free giveaways! Check the Facebook page HERE

See you there.

King of Prussia Mall
160 North Gulph Road, King of Prussia, PA 19406

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All new Nasty summer edit

Check out the latest hit from Cory Nastazio riding trails in California and Arizona. The intro is hilarious. Cory is killing it right now, so good to see this edit!

Cory will be in Philly this Saturday at the King of Prussia Mall parking lot for the Journeys BBQ!

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