Cam whites 2011 hillside jam on fuel TV Australia


Cam White has some of the biggest BMX Dirt Jumps in the world and back in February, Cam had his 5th successful Hillside Dirt Jam right in the backyard of his parents house in Canberra, Australia.

Unit put together a show for Fuel TV and it's about to play in Australia. Hopefully in a few months time it will be airing in the States also.

The show features the biggest names in BMX dirt jumping such as Hucker, Dane Searls, Brandon Dosch, Cam White, James Foster, Anthony Napolitan, Jed Mildon, Colin Mackay and many more. Here are the first on air times for the show.

Fuel TV Australia only!

Friday September 9th - 8.00pm (PREMIERE)
Saturday September 10th - 10.00am
Sunday September 11th - 12.30pm
Monday September 12th - 5.30am
Wednesday September 14th - 12.30pm
Friday September 16th - 7.00pm

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Vans Riders Up for Dew Tour Athlete of the Year


Dew Tour wants to know from you, who's the athlete of the year? There is a lot of Vans BMX Team riders up for the honors including Scotty Cranmer, Gary Young, Coco Zurita, Ryan Guettler, Diogo Canina, TJ Ellis, Luke Parslow and even more. Vote for your favorite!


DAK Scores Another Cover! Dig BMX


Within 3 weeks of scoring his first cover of BMX Plus!, Vans rider Dakota Roche scored his second cover shot this month with a man-sized ice-pick grind down a 21-stair rail. Dak is doing it for Cult, Vans, Monster Energy, Cinema wheels, and Stance socks and they're all stoked. Quite a month for the HB local. a bronze medal at X Games, 2 covers and now he is over in Europe on a huge Cult trip. Life is good.

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Gary Young Wins Simpel Session in Finland


We just got news via Twitter that Vans rider Gary Young won the Simpel Session Summer Contest in Helsinki, Finland this weekend. The Simpel Session Summer Event is gaining popularity, since it isn't 10 degrees and snowing, and is attracting more teams and pros via road trips and European filming missions. Gongrats to Gary for dropping the hammer this weekend. We heard there was even a naked dude riding the course by the end of the contest. Madness.

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Vans Video Vault: Josh Harrington

osh Harrington never ceases to amaze. Just when you think he's sleepin' he puts out some of the most innovative hitching post to grind moves on film. It's been quite a year for Josh and these never-been-done tricks are exactly why he is part of the Vans family. Always pushing BMX.

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Dak scores cover of BMX Plus! Magazine


Dakota Roche just scored the cover of BMX Plus! magazine with a unusually high bunny-hop truckdriver. A little behind the scenes info reveals that this was actually shot at Dak's old high school in Huntington Beach just down the street from where he lives. Be sure to get you hands on this October 2011 issue of Plus!. It's Dak's first cover but it sure won't be the last.

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Cranmer Wins BMX Park at Portland DEW

Riding full-tilt to Bruce Springsteen, Scotty Cranmer rose to the occasion with a huge in at the Dew Tour in Portland, Oregon. With tricks like a backflip double tailwhip over the sub rail, a huge icepick to turndown on the wallride and an insane 360 whip drop-in from the wedge - Cranmer stomped out the win and is currently ranked second in Dew Tour standings behind Vans rookie Kyle Baldock. You can check out highlights of all the action at

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Scotty Wins Park at Dew Stop #2

Well what began as a great prelims day for Vans BMX Pro Scotty Cranmer, continued to finals day were he wrapped up victory and stood high on the podium at Dew Tour stop 2 in Portland, Oregon.

Scotty was tied with Kyle Baldock (Vans Flow) after first runs, and then Scotty upped his first run with a wild flip double whip over the sub rail on the buzzer.

Kyle gave it his all but couldn't get it together at the end and it was all over. I believe Scotty hasn't won a Dew stop since 2007! It's been a long time coming around that's for sure. Scotty's on fire in 2011 and I could easily predict another win before the years out.

Vans team mate Gary Young rode with a small knee injury but squeaked into the finals, and managed 9th place once he was there. Ryan Guettler did very well to break through the Open Qualifier and into Prelims then earned a spot in the finals. It just wasn't Gute's day though and he ended up 12th. Great to see Ryan with some confidence though after missing most of last years events with double shoulder surgery.

RideBMX has a video of the finals HERE.

Kyle Baldock sits in first for over all points, but Scotty is just 18 points behind with the 3rd and final park stop earning points and a half! That all goes down Oct 13-16 in Las Vegas.

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Scotty of Fire at Dew Park Portland!


Today it was Scotty Cranmer's day in Portland, Oregon at Dew Tour Park. It was obvious after his first run that he was going to be tough to beat. It was one of those runs that just came together wonderfully right to the 45 second buzzer.

The bad news is that it was prelims and hopefully he can pull it again tomorrow!

Park finals begins at 7pm pacific (Saturday) and Scotty joins Vans team mates Ryan Guettler and Gary Young who pulled through on his last run in prelims to squeak in there in 9th! Good job boys it was a great show today. Awesome to see Guettler hold it together and make the finals. Has anyone ever done a front-flip over a hip? Guettler did one today, look for another tomorrow.

Vans flow and Stop 1 winner, Australian Kyle Baldock will be also competing. Kyle got to watch prelims today and got a ticket straight into the finals as a bonus for winning stop 1.

Should be a good one, look for it live on NBC.

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Dew Tour Dirt Kicks Off This Weekend in Portland


Dew Tour BMX Dirt kicks off this weekend in Portland, Oregon and it's sure to be insane. We've got a whole slew of dudes headed up there to shred at what is always one of the craziest dirt contests of the year. Rumor has it that the jumps are outdoors this year so we'll see how the riders fair in the unpredictable weather of the Northwest. Be on the look out for Nastazio, Parslow, Ellis, Whitton, Young, Cranmer, Canina, Guettler, Pat Casey and cam White to all be shredding up North.
In the meantime, check out Nasty's current set-up that gets him through a weekend like this.

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Diogo Canina Thows a Massive 360 No-hander on Ride BMX


This Transworld Ride BMX cover is insane. Vans team rider Diogo Canina found some of the biggest dirt jumps Brazil has to offer and made it happen with the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil in the background. Speaking of massive, take a look at the Vans x Cult Road Trip article to find out what happened when the entire crew met up. I don't know about you, but sounds like a bit too much for the September issue!

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Vans BMX X Games 17 Recap