Cranmer and Dak top podium at Red Bull Trick of Treat Jam


Over 1,000 fans braved temperatures in the 40s to in Newton Barge Park to witness some of the best riders in BMX turn street obstacles into their own fun-size playground. With the athletes donning costumes ranging from Dead Presidents to a Wall Street suit to Hulk Hogan, and the obstacles including a “disco” hearse (compete with rails, smoke, flashing lights and a coffin hanging out the back), it was guaranteed to be a spirited night. Top honors went to Scotty Cranmer who is more widely known for his X Games podium performances than his street skills with help of partner Augie Simoncini. Best trick honors went to 17-year-old Bruno Hoffman Vans rider, whose 540 over the hearse rail combined with Dakota's Cali steez locked the Vans riders in for a second place finish.

Check out the results at Ride

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Happy Halloween!


It's Halloween time again, scare your friends and scare your neighbors!
Check out Ali Whitton getting scary at "The Unit" in Greenville N.C.

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Guettler's Edit of Kyle Baldock


Ryan Guettler filmed this video of newly Vans Flow Team rider Kyle Baldock. Check it.

Kyle Baldock Bmx 2010 from Ryan Guettler on Vimeo.


Vans Let It Ride 2010


Mehr BMX >>

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Josh Harrington's Vans Video Vault on VITAL


Check out some clips from Josh shredding the Southwest and heed his testimony to the Vans Wylie that he wears on his giant feet.

Vans Video Vault: Josh Harrington - More BMX Videos

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Coco 3 Q's on Dew finals


The final stop of Dew Tour was at the Hard Rock pool in Vegas, how was that?

It was amazing, such a mellow and relaxed environment, weather was great people was loud, totally something never seen in BMX before, a Vert ramp over a pool! It was really fun!

Was it the best scenery you have ever rode Vert at?

It totally was the best contest scene I've been apart of!
I hope they repeat this every year.

DMC took 3rd place?

DMC did an amazing job putting his run together, and he landed all his tricks! Like 540's and 900's! He is my hope to keep riding Haha. I hope I can ride till that age! (DMC is 43)


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TJ Ellis and DMC Scores Podium spots in Vegas


The Dew Tour Final in Las Vegas are now a wrap and TJ Ellis front-flip-whipped his way to a 3rd place podium spot in BMX Dirt along with blasting the most massive backflips of the night. TJ ended the season in thrid place overall followed by Vans BMX rider Luke Parslow only six points behind.

BMX legend Dennis McCoy reached deep into his vert roots and rode to a 3rd place finish in BMX Vert and came in 9th for the season tour. His teammate Coco Zurita stayed within the top 5 for the 2010 season.

The park course was crazy once again and it was Vans UK shredder Mark Webb who came within striking distance of the Dew Cup and brought out a 360 triple tailwhip en route to a 3rd place in the overall series with Scotty Cranmer in 8th place and Gary Yong in 11th.

Congrats to all the Vans riders who continue to push the level of BMX on and off the course!

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Fuzzy Hall's MX Crossover Race SLC


Fuzzy Hall and the BMX crew all got together with the moto guys for a MX Crossover Race in Salt Lake City. Alistair Whitton, Morgan Wade, Drew Bezanson, TJ Ellis and the rest of the Dew Tour guys in town for the contest headed over to race the BMX track and then charge through the course on dirtbikes. Check out the video over on Alli.

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Free Lunch with Gary Young

Gary Young has a cool video interview up on Shred or Die where he drops some knowledge on his anti-carbonation ways and the pros that tossed him up when he was a wee lad.

Gary qualified for Dirt and Park at the Dew Final yesterday so I think everything worked out okay for him.

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Guettler Interview on Espn


"Family, my English Bulldogs and that bike...."

Check out what Guettler has to dish out in this Espn interview.

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Dew Tour Finals this Weekend


The Hard Rock hotel in Vegas is about to blow up. The last stop of Dew Tour is hitting sin city, starting with qualifying on Thursday, October 15th and finals live on NBC on Saturday, October 16th. Vans BMX Team rider Luke Parslow is up for Dew Tour Dirt Title and our boy Mark Webb is up for Dew Tour Park Title. Believe it or not they are both 60 points out of first place, which still gives them both a good chance of striking gold considering riders are receiving double points this last round of the tour. Dang this is going to be good. Good luck guys!

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Vital BMX's Game of Bike Going Down Today


Vital BMX has just announced the Vital BMX Game of Bike. They're taking thirty-two of the best riders from around the world and throwing them into a head-to-head in a Game of Bike tournament. This is going down on October 9th at Vans Skatepark in Orange, California. Mark your calendar so you can come check it out in person or watch it live on Vital BMX!


Trails is Shouting! Parslow Scores Ride Cover!


It must be pretty nice to roll out of bed and bang out cover shots 50 yards from your living room. Welcome to the world of Luke Parlsow, gracing the cover of this month's Ride BMX Magazine with a buttery 360 invert. Since this was shot in the summer, you know it had to have been a couple hundred degrees out in Riverside where he lives. Buzz that shoulder cuzzi!

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Chase Hawk Defgrip Edit


Check out this cool Defgrip x Oakley edit from a couple months back with Chas Hawk living the Austin life. Watch for the massive side slide on the Empire vert wall - so much steez.

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