McCoy and Coco Take on Vert In China


Asian X Games is going off this weekend in China and we just got word that Dennis McCoy took 3rd in vert and Coco was right behind him in 4th place. Dakota rides street late tonight sometime (which is tomorrow over there) so we'll let know how the rest of the crew does. In the meantime everyone is shopping at the black market and playing fear factor with the local cuisine.

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Dave Mahoney at Vans Orlando Park


Here's a look at the Orlando, Florida Vans Park with local, Dave Mahoney. Dave knows the place inside out and is always on deck at the annual Vans Am contest.

For more info on the park go HERE.


BMX Camp & Contest @ The Block Pics


On Friday (4/22) we held The Block's BMX Camp and sold it out with 30 kids. Vans pros Cory Nastazio, Dakota Roche, Chase Hawk, Gary Young, Luke Parslow and Coco Zurita taught all of the young rippers some skills. Fun was had by all and the kids were awesome! The camp was sponsored by Haro and Premium and one lucky camper went home with a brand new Haro complete bike.

Next up was the Vans BMX Am Contest on Saturday (4/23). It was crazy! There was close to 100 contestants show up and the park was packed all day. The same pros that showed up for the pro camp were judges for the contest and Paul Roberts MC'd the madness that went down. Cult sponsored the contest and supplied us with generous prizes for all of the winners.

Sponsored Division

1st Jeff Robertson
2nd Iz Pulido
3rd Andrew Castaneda

14+ Division

1st Juan Guerrero
2nd Easron Turner
3rd Casey Nodestine

6 - 13 Division

1st Pierce Howell
2nd Kane Sheckler
3rd Bryce Tryon


Cory Nastazio & BMX Team Signing in Redlands Saturday


The Vans Redlands store in California is going to be swamped with Vans BMX Pros next Saturday, April 30th at 3pm. Stopping by will be the King of "Nasty" Cory Nastazio, Luke Parslow, T.J. Ellis and Pat Casey for autographs, giveaways and more while supplies last. Make sure to stop by if you're in the area!

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Come on out to watch some West Coast Ams shred for pro judges Cory Nastazio, Chase Hawk, Luke Parslow, Gary Young, Dakota Roche and Coco Zurita. The amateur contest starts at 3pm on Saturday April 23rd at the Vans Skatepark in Orange, CA. Check the flyer for more details if you plan on riding.


Win Vans $100 Gift Card, Monster Fridge and Odyssey Parts Package


Hunt for the following answers and post them on the wall of The Hunt BMX fan page for a chance to win a Monster Fridge, an Odyssey Mike Atiken parts package and a $100 gift card from Vans.

1.Where is Mike Aitken at in his most recent Odyssey BMX print ad?
2. What was Harry Main's last trick in his most recent video Bike Check?
3. How wide was the plank that Scotty Cranmer landed on in his latest Vans print ad?

Post your answers on The Hunt BMX Fan Page following format:
1. Iowa
2. Backflip
3. 2 feet

We will pick a winner out of the correct answers!
Follow us @thehuntbmx for clues, otherwise use your interweb skills and be sure to hunt on The Vans BMX, Odyssey and Monster Energy sites for the answers to these questions.


Vans Orlando BMX Camp Video



Catch Scotty Cranmer and the Desurgent on Vital


When Scotty Cranmer decides to jump out of a second story barn, he laces up his Vans and get's the job done. Currently Scotty is wearing the Vans Desurgent and this vid takes an inside look at the shoe that keeps the New Jersey Devil sticking to his pedals.

Vans Video Vault: Scotty Cranmer - More BMX Videos

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Josh Harrington Breathes Fire


This new Josh Harrington edit from Premium is hot fire.
Rail trick that have never been done before and tons of footage from some of the most famous spots in the world. Just when you think he can't outdo himself he drops a bomb like this.

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New Cranmer Ad + Second Angle


Check out the new Scotty Cranmer ad photo in Ride Magazine this month. We shot two angles of the trick so Scotty would only have to shoot the bars one time, but he ended up doing it five times anyway. The landing was going to be a large pile of lumber, but Scotty eyed it up and decided that less was more. Check out the color photo that ran in the magazine and the black and white side shot.

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Harrington riding Socal this week


Josh made it back out to Socal after chilling at the Vans Comp in Florida last weekend. He did some weekday recon missions in HB and met up with Dak to film a few crunchy lines for a few video projects he is working on. Josh was supposed to be in Sydney by now but postponed the trip until Ty get back to 100%. If you see a 6'4" guy riding a purple BMX bike with size 13 Vans on, you know it's Josh Harrington.

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Vans AM Contest in Orlando, FL


I'm not sure what they're putting in the water in Florida these days, but none of these dudes are riding like amateurs! Check out a bunch of awesome riding from Nick Mahoney, Dan Nielson, Sam Bussell, Ricky Rogers, and more with a little help from Vans rider Trey Jones. Thanks to Vital BMX!

Vans Am Contest in Orlando, FL - More BMX Videos

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Orlando Vans Skatepark - the Place to Be Last Weekend!


April Fools Day brought Pro BMX Camp to the Orlando Vans Skatepark. The camp sold out with 30 kids and Vans riders Ryan Guettler, Scotty Cranmer, Josh Harrington, Alistair Whitton, Colin McKay and Ronnie Surridge passed their skills on to the little rippers.

Then 75 contestants showed up for the BMX Am Contest and a ton of spectators. Same pros from the camp judged the contest. Be on the look out for a vid coming soon.


TJ Ellis catch up

TJ Ellis has a good chance at winning any dirt contest he enters. He has the biggest moves up his sleeve and sends them all the time, no matter if it's a morning ride with his Vans team mate, Luke Parslow or if he's in the finals at a major contest. TJ recently went down on a wild move that has been good to him in the past, and he is now on the bench.

CM: TJ, you recently went down at Nasty's Jam and ended up having to get surgery, what happened?
TJ: Yeah that was no good I came in sideways on a front flip tail whip and my leg locked in a straight position and that's all it took. I thought I had a small tear and sprain but instead it was my ACL that completely tore and my meniscus had a bucket handle tear so got that all fixed and I'm just recovering now.

CM: How long until we see you blasting some dirt jumps again?
TJ: I should be back riding around late July hopefully. It's hard to tell with this injury though I don't wanna push it too soon. I'm just hoping to be back strong as possible by the time 6 months comes around and start back where I left off at.

CM: What have you been doing in the down time?
TJ: I've been just doing a lot of exercises and I recently just started walking so that got me off the couch away from the PS3. I've been checking out sessions here and there and I'm going to try to film some people ride in the mean time.

CM: You've had a couple of big injuries lately. BMX proves to be a rough hobby as you now know. What are your thoughts on it now compared to a few years ago when you really rode pretty full throttle without any care?
TJ: I look at it the same because you can get hurt doing any trick at any given time so as I get older just trying to stay off the ground more and just get more dialed with the big tricks but when I feel good on my bike that always changes and I start sending myself again. I just gotta keep it on 2 wheels and stay consistent.

Can't wait to see you shredding again mate,

Colin Mackay

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