Vans X Cult Demo Wrap Up


Not even a mid-cal snowstorm can stop this crew.
Despite a crazy snowstorm below 500ft elevation, the crew had an awesome jam at Ramp Rats in Santa Rosa and drove non-stop through the night to make it to the Vault Skatepark opening back down in La Habra. The locals were shredding along side of the Cult pros and vibing off each other with some really amazing riding. Both these skateparks are wooden and indoor, and both utilized every square inch of the square footage to build some rad ramp set-ups.
The trip is a wrap and some of the crew is still kicking it in Orange County for part of the week working on Cult projects so you might catch of glimpse of the guys riding around if you are out and about. The footage from this trip was pretty insane, and there were lots of double angles on the bangers. The Cult X Vans shoe hits the stores in June, so in the meantime look for some photos to pop up in Ride Magazine and a bangin' edit to drop in May.

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Cult & Cardiel in Sac


Had a great Sacramento street ride with skate legend John Cardiel all day. John is down for bikes and powers around his fixed gear like one of the crew. Ended the day with a mad session at the Power Inn skatepark before getting rained out. We are en route to Ramp Rats for a demo on Friday and then gunning it back to the OC for a jam at Stolen on Saturday. The next 48 hours are going to be non-stop fun.


Fresno Smooth


Had a major tranny day in Fresno thanks to a local hook-up with a backyard pool. Chase, Trey, Bas and Dak were all getting some high speed lines going in Tom's backyard. Cody even surfed a few frontside carves over the light on his wood pusher. A couple wild moves went down that Z captured for Ride, then it was off to the Frenso Bike Park for a private session thanks to Chad. If you are ever in Frenso, you have to see this thing. Not only is the bike park huge, it's made for bikes and that means concrete rhythm sections, giant hip lines and an insane cradle. Today was nuts. We even ran into John Cardiel at dinner and he's going to show us around some spots tomorrow in Sacramento. More soon...


Chase X Solvang


Day 3 of the Vans X Cult trip quickly became a Chase Hawk demo at the Solvang skatepark. Arriving early, the park was empty and the crew was shredding around the insane concrete bowl set-up. Chase, Trey, Dak and Bas were putting lines together, but before long everyone grabbed a seat for the Chase Hawk show. You'll have to wait to see the footage and photos in Ride, but let's just say that Jeff Z had to climb a tree to get a shot of Chase he was so high. After one of the craziest shortcuts known to man, the bus ended up in Fresno and we plan on shredding the bike park on Wednesday with a chance of a pool sesh later in the day.

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Day 2: Vans X Cult

President's Day turned out to be a free for all. The Cult crew turned up at two insane schools and put down some crazy moves all day. We found out the hard way that Timmy Theus is the toughest dude on the trip, and had to spend some time getting him stitched back up. The doctors didn't understand how his jaw wasn't broken when he came into the ER. You'll understand when you see the video. In the meantime, Chase laced a super steezy clip for the Cult vid, Dak hammered out a huge ledge and Cody Lesveque even clocked a skate line but wishes he was surfing. It's the morning of day 3 and we are headed to ride Solvang.


Vans X Cult lurking in the Valley


The Vans X Cult trip kicked off this afternoon in LA, picking up Chase and Bas at LAX and heading into the valley to shred a wallride for the afternoon. After running into the Primo trip at the same spot, we let The Blue Falcon get a clip and then sent 'em packing. Much love guys. A few hours and some good photos later the crew shut down a PF Changs and is getting ready for a President's Day assault on some schools for Monday. It should be a good one if the rain holds out. If you see Chase Hawk, Dakota Roche, Timmy Theus, Bobby Simmons, Bas Keep, Robbie Morales, Trey Jones, or Adam Roye - you know you found the spot. More soon....

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Hughes scores April '11 BMX PLUS ! Cover


Vans flow rider, Chris Hughes just made a big splash on the new cover of BMX Plus! throwing down an insane body-varial on dirt. Chris is one of the only riders doing this trick on dirt and he'll be shining on the cover of Plus wearing some crispy Vans Whip 3s- Ryan Guettler's signature shoe if you didn't know. Also, BMX Plus! Magazine just added a digital subscription version to their print version, so check it out over here and start getting it online!

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MACKAY Checks in from OZ


From Colin:
"I’ve been on the road in Australia. I started in Mt Beauty, Victoria at the Red Bull Dirt pipe. I arrived to some thick black clouds and before to long, it rained for 30 hrs straight. The organizers asked us to stick around to try to get a session in on the pipe, some riders departed, but I decided to stay to check this thing out.

The pipe is something unique. Its built on the steepest grade hill possible, you’re going so fast at jumps, you actually have to brake before you hit at lip. One guy tried it brakeless, and unfortunately ended up with a ruptured kidney.

But it is pretty fun, it was something that takes a bit to feel out and I started understanding the pipe at the end of the day.

Next stop was Sydney to meet up with the Unit crew for a filming trip to Cam Whites Hillside Jam, in Canberra Australia. I was already two days late for the trip because I stayed to ride the pipe. We woke up to a swim in the Pacific Ocean and then rode Bondi Beach Park; it’s a skate park on one of the most famous beaches in Australia. Some of the best views a skate park could ever have!

We rode a little street in Sydney and headed to Canberra, arriving at 2am to Cam Whites.

Cam White is on his 5th annual Hill Side Jam, located right in his parents’ backyard and he may have some of the biggest dirt jumps in the world. The Jam was a success with the weather holding out after a less than favorable forecast. A couple of broken legs and a few guys limping after the jam is an indication that these jumps are no joke. Jumping 40-foot doubles on a BMX feels pretty fun/crazy. One mate of mine said he comes to Cams Jam each year just to jump the jumps and for two weeks after he is still buzzing from the rush. That just goes to show you how these things are.

This trip has been great, Australian BMX is thriving and the future is bright."


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Guettler more tough luck


Ryan Guettler made a steady recovery from the double shoulder injury and surgeries that put him out for most of 2010. He was recently in New Zealand getting some footage for the Colony DVD and he crashed and has been sore for over a week, he finally got some x-rays today and it was made apparent that he has a two small fractures in his collar bone.

Back in a sling for a couple of weeks for Gute...


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Alistair Whitton Ten Years Pro

What were you doing ten years ago? Alistair Whitton was lacing up his first pair of Vans straight from the factory and he's been shredding his 20" for Vans every since.  Alistair came out to California to film this exclusive video part to celebrate his decade of daredevil riding.  A couple of these tricks are first for Alistair, so he picked Nasty's new jump as the perfect place to unleash them.

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Cams Jam 2011


The 2011 Cam White Hillside Jam proudly sponsored by Vans shoes went off in usual fashion, huge crowd, huge jumps, and some wild moves that only the brave dare attempt.

Cams Jam is into it's fifth year and is run straight from Cams parents yard in an outback town near Canberra, Australia.

This year riders from Australia, New Zealand and a handful of Americans took on the course in a jam style format just after the sun set.

A few broken bones, broken forks and more than a few riders limping after the event goes to show how burly this event is.

Vans flow rider Jed Mildon from N.Z has had two massive weekends in Australia. After manning up and taking the win last weekend in Victoria, he through down all day but in best trick jam here in Canberra he blasted three double back flips nailing the third attempt on the jump they were calling "Big dog", so you know it was massive... Eight foot lip, thirty plus feet long! The riders judged and came we came to the conclusion that Jed should split the cash with James Foster who landed an opposite tail whip to double tail whip back, all on one jump! Wow.

Aussie Josh Stead rocking Vans shoes and won the overall title of the rider with the most style. Josh was cranking all his moves all night and was killing it. Josh is actually undefeated in this category!

A great turn out of BMX fans and professional riders to put on one hell of a show. If you love BMX dirt, you really need to get to one of Cams Jams in the future, it'll be one of the wildest things you can ever experience, both on and off the bike.


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Vans x Shadow Conspiracy Collaboration Vid



Vans riders dominate Dirt Pipe in Oz


Vans BMX Pro Gary Young took out the best trick on the wall ride event, and New Zealander Jed mildon won best run at the Red Bull Dirt Pipe in Mt Beauty, Victoria, Australia today.

This one of a kind contest had a two day delay due to wet weather, but things fired up quickly when the sun came out. Red Bull Dirt pipe is a slope style contest combining a perfectly chiseled out pipe with hips, jumps and wall rides coming down a very steep hill.

Gary won best trick with a bar spin onto the wall, and tail whipping out in the last few minutes of the 20 minute jam.

Jed could of won with his best run actually in the first 5 minutes of the 1hr jam, but managed another 2 runs to better his score, so it was safe to say that Jed owned the Pipe in 2011!

In one run Jed floated a nice 270 straight into a flip whip then coming down the chute and flipping the close to 40ft hip, it was insane!

Congrats to the boys for shredding so hard on one of the craziest things you could ever get to ride your BMX bike on. Mackay

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Ty Morrow Bunnyhops 46.1" winning Simpel Session


Halfway across the world from his home in San Diego, CA, Vans BMX rider Ty Morrow won the bunnyhop contest in Estonia at Simpel Session with a hop of 46.1inches (117cm). Ty's been known for having hops if you remember this vid from our AZ road trip last summer when he went neck-high on the Chandler ledge.

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Mackay and Young headed to OZ for Dirt Pipe


While half the pro riders in the states are going to freeze their butts off in Estonia for Simpel Session, the smart riders are head to Australia for Red Bull Dirt Pipe. Vans riders Colin Mackay and Gary Young are en route to the land down under for what is sure to be a crazy contest. Good luck boys. Roost 'em and boost 'em!

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Josh Harrington Day in the life on Props

Check out this in-depth day in the life with Vans Pro Rider Josh Harrington via Props.

Go to for more videos.

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Nasty on Fuel TV THE DAILY HABIT Tonight Feb 2

You've seen him on the X-Life, and if you still can't get enough of Cory Nastazio, be sure to tune into Fuel TV tonight, Wednesday, February 2 at 11:30 pm ET/PT for The Daily Habit where Cory will be rocking out with Cage The Elephant.

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