DAK Scores Ride BMX Cover with Massive Wallride Drop


Life must be good for Dakota Roche this month. He's been all over the place attending Cult's Talk is Cheap video premieres in which he has the ender part and now he's scored the cover of Ride BMX Magazine with a man-sized wall ride drop. You've gotta trust your bike for a move like that. Congrats Dak- the one and only. California style.

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Get ready, Simple Session 13 will go down again in March 16-17th in Tallinn, Estonia. Just imagine the craziest contest and parties in the coldest place you've ever had to go and then multiply it by 10 plus a hangover. Simpel Session never lets down and they stream the dang thing! Check out the new Simpel Session trailer below.

Simple Session 13 Teaser Trailer from Simple Session on Vimeo.


Classic Tales featuring Cory Nastazio


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Talk is cheap So Cal Premiere


Get down to the Vans park in Orange, CA for a FREE session and premiere of Cult's latest DVD "Talk is Cheap" Tuesday, November 27 6pm - 10pm.

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Nasty Gets a Taste of Mackay's Trails in Virginia Beach


After the Vans ECSC Comp in VA Beach, Colin Mackay invited Nasty and the Haro crew to ride the trails he's been working on all summer. Check out this edit with Cory Nastazio backflipping some super small jumps and good footy from Pay Casey, Brian Hunt, Nyquist, Gary Young and Balls.

Cory's Corner 2 - Virginia Beach from Haro Bikes on Vimeo.

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Ben Hennon Wins Best Line at Red Bull Skylines


Our boy Ben Hennon just won Best Line at the Red Bull Skylines event in Paris with a wild whip out of the Sosh tranny. The venue alone is worth checking out in this video from JCP. Gary Young, Daniel Sandoval, Pat Casey, Kevin Kalkoff, Ben Hennon, Baz Keep, Rob Darden and Mark Webb were all throwing down for Vans BMX.

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