Coco at ECSC


Vans BMX Vert crew MCcoy, Tabron and Coco Zurita were in Virginia Beach this weekend doing some shows with the Vans Skate team at the East Coast Surfing Championships. Check out Coco blasting during a really windy session.

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Guettler's Shoulder

Guettler under went surgery on the right shoulder last week and surgery on the left is scheduled in 3 weeks time. Ryan's filming his mates and keeping busy with editing and playing with After Effects program. He will be blasting his BMX in no time...

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Nasty and Mackay in Hossegor, France


This past weekend Cory Nastazio and myself spend some time in the South West of France for a dirt contest. The event was near a famous beach town by the name of Hossegor and it's said to have some of the biggest waves in Europe. We stumbled across this Vans retail store on one of our days at the beach.

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Dakota Roche on the Grind


Whether it's riding street, housing cross country pros or mobbing across the state to shoot a photo, Dakota is on his grind everyday of the week. Dak was down in San Diego riding Blackbox and shooting photos at a couple schools and a ditch before sitting in two hours of traffic back to the OC. All in a days work.

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TJ ELLIS Lands Second at LORDS of Dirt in France


Across the pond in Tosse, France, TJ Ellis rocked his way to a 2nd place in the Lords of Dirt Contest and also took home the Best Trick award. Try fitting a mini dirt bike in the over head. No idea how TJ is going to get his new little motor bike home, but congrats on the win nonetheless. Colin Mackay was out shredding the jumps too and came home with a 5th place finish and Nasty Dog ended up pulling out with a busted hand. Safe travels home everyone!

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Mark Webb Documentary


Mark Webb: Transatlanticism

"The thing about riding... is riding."

This is an awesome documentary that Matty Labert directed of Vans UK ripper, Mark Webb.

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Coco on the top of his game

Coco Zurita has been slaying the vert ramp lately and picking up some new sponsors along the way. Coco started off the season witha 6th place finish at Dew Tour in Chicago, headed to X Games to nab a 5th place spot and follow up with another 5 place finish at the Dew Tour Portland, Oregon. That podium keeps getting closer and closer. Coco also put together video on how-to Nac-Nac for Alli Sports which plays online and onsite at the Dew Tours. Somehow Coco managed to get his car sponsored as well through all this media attention and is getting supported by Vivid Racing, Continental Tires, and Spin Imaging who wrapped his Evo in flat black. That car used to be white!

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TY Morrow Scores Cover of Dig BMX Magazine

Ty just scored the cover of the new Dig BMX Magazine with a crazy rail manual to tuck no-hander shot by Dig Mag photog Ricky Adam. It's not too often a sequence gets a cover, so it took Ty Morrow's crazy move to get it done.
For more info on Issue 78 Check out Dig BMX online.

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Vans Video Vault Featuring Chase Hawk


If you thought you had a good 360, Chase Hawk would beg to differ. Check out some of the steeziest 360's ever caught on film and learn more about the Owens Hi Vulc shoe that helps Chase boosts so high and how you can win a pair.

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On The Road with Vans BMX Team- Episode 4


On the way out of town, the Vans BMX Team stops by a secret skatepark hidden on a reservation. Nasty dog goes to the moon on a big hip and Alistair and Scotty session the metal ramps till their ears ring. Watch Episode 4.


ALI WHITTON on ESPN Photo of the Day

Ali Whitton has a front page photo over on Espn today. Ali is no stranger to massive no handers and this one is no different.

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Bruno Hoffmann Vans Edit


In the end - everything will be fine!
That was part of the motto for Bruno and Alex filming this edit. After a nasty throw back due to the stolen camera gear of Alex, they are very stoked to drop this edit for you.
So here it is, the Bruno Hoffmann Vans edit!!

Filmed and edited by Alex Baret in Toulouse, France and Rotterdam, Netherlands!


Down time for Guettler


Ryan Guettler was probably in the best shape of his life, he was super focused and killing it pre-season, then at the first Dew Tour stop in Chicago a month ago, he went over the bars and drove his shoulder into the ground.
Ryan suffered immense pain and dislocation almost every run he took and actually competed in the X Games and at the H.B contest, although not riding anywhere near the level he knows best.
Finally after trying to ride the Dew tour stop 2 in Portland this past weekend, he decided to get X-rays and a M.R.I and he will be going under the knife this week to repair the damage.
If you heard about the double shoulder surgery rumor going around, this is also true! Ryan is also getting his right shoulder repaired in a month's time, after the left one has had some time to heal.

Ryan has been fortunate enough to have been riding full time without any major injuries since coming from Australia to the U.S.A in 2003. These shoulder surgeries will keep Ryan off the bike 2-3 months, and Ryan intends to practice his photo and video skills in the off time.

Colin Mackay

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Nastazio, TJ and Mackay off to France

Vans team riders Cory "Nasty" Nastazio, TJ Ellis and Colin Mackay are getting on a plane on Wednesday to fly to France for the Lords or Dirt contest in Tosse, in the south west of France.
If your going to the event, say Hi to the guy's and check back for a update on the event. It should be a good one...

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Webby and Coco score top 5 at Dew Tour Portland

Vans BMX riders Mark Webb and Coco Zurita scored top five finishes this weekend in Portland, Oregon at the second stop of the AST Dew Tour. Coco was buzzing the rafters in Vert and was rewarded for his style, height and flair whips with a fifth place finish. Webby was the only Vans rider in the final in Portland and represented well with a solid 5th place finish.

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Alistair Whitton Update


Got a note from Ali with a look at what he has been up to the last couple weeks:

"Just some random photos from my travels.
I filmed a edit with the Woodward crew and we had a sick sunset session.
Random Vans guy on set of the green lantern movie.

Me getting fake arrested on set.

Sneak pic of the new Vans/tsc shoe.

I saw some crazy storms in new Orleans. Check the screen grab I filmed. " -Ali

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Vans Riders Send it at Dew Tour

Dew Tour unleashed the BMX Dirt Finals last night in Portland, Oregon and the Vans team riders were going off. Luke Parslow took home the 4th place finish with some crazy combos like backflip one-handed x-up to turndown and big flip whips. TJ Ellis came home with a 9th place finish with front flip turndowns and 360 double tailwhips. Diogo Canina was all over the place with gigantic 360 tabletops, 720s and even a backflip off the berm. Check out the coverage on Alli Sports.

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Chase Hawk and More Vans Pros Signing at Vans Store in Portland


Join Vans Skate Team rider Bucky Lasek, Vans BMX Team rider Chase Hawk and more Vans pros at the Lloyd Center Vans store in Portland this Thursday, August 12th at 6pm. There will be autographs and tons of giveaways. Also, be one of the first 100 people in line and you will receive a limited edition Vans T-shirt!

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Guettler No Hander Wallpaper on RideBMX


Ride BMX just released a bunch of photos from the Vans SW Road Trip and Ryan Guettler has a sweet no-hander shot as part of the collection. Check it out here.

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Vans BMX Riders at US Open of Surfing


The U.S. Open of Surfing is going down in Huntington Beach through Sunday, August 8th and not only includes world class surfing, but the world's top skaters and BMX'ers- all performing on the beach to a massive crowd. Whether you're in the water or on the sand, we've got Vans team riders representing. Catch the action wherever you are on the live webcast...

BMX Park Contest
Diogo Canina
Mark Web
Pat Casey
Ryan Guettler
Scotty Cranmer


Vans BMX Street at X Games 16


BMX Street went off with a bang yesterday in LA - and by bang we mean bangers from all of the Vans riders who made it into BMX Street finals at X Games 16. Check out this highlight reel with Ty Morrow, Josh Harrington Dakota Roche and Sean Sexton all throwing down their hottest moves for BMX fans all over the world.


Dak and Sexton rep Vans in XG Street Finals

Dakota Roche and Sean Sexton made it out of prelims and shredded into the Super Final in BMX Street on Sunday. Sean was dropping massive truckdrivers down the double set, sliding crank arm grinds and even boosted a big up-ledge feeble to X-Up for a 4th place finish- barely outside of the podium. Dak was killing it too with massive 360s over the round rail, and up-rail to 180 turndown and a wild tea-cup slighshot to 360 flyout that sent the crowd into an uproar. Dak took home the 5th place finish and was pretty beat up from all of his burly gaps. Congrats to all of the Vans riders at X Games this weekend!

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