LXVI BMX Invitational at ECSC


The Vans BMX and crew kept their East Coast trip going strong by heading down from Ocean City to the East Coast Surfing Championships in virginia Beach for a Vans BMX Invitational right on the sand. With three box jump hits and plenty of transfers to keep things interesting, The BMX crew gave the crowd a great show with riders from all over the world.  Rookie Pro Dan Sandoval walked away with five thousand smackers as the top prize with his double whips and huge laid-out front flips. It was TJ Ellis and Pat Casey rounding out the podium of for the jump contest meanwhile, Dennis McCoy, Coco Zurita and Simon Tabron were shredding a vert demo with the skate team and getting loose in the gusty wind.


Final results from the LXVI Invitational


18 year old Californian Daniel Sandoval took out the win today in Virginia Beach, Virginia at ECSC.

He mixed a bunch of tech moves including bar to whip, late front flips and 360 bar to bar on the last set to beat out Vans team mates Pat Casey and TJ Ellis, also from California.

This is Daniels first big win on the Pro circuit and I'm sure there will be a few more, the kid is on fire!

Look for a video of all the action from todays event, coming soon.

There is still one more day to go, with a Vert Demo planned 1-2pm Sunday. Dennis McCoy, Coco Zurita and Simon Tabron will be the entertainers!

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It all begins today in Virginia Beach, Virginia. For the first time, the LXVI Invitational Box Jump contest is going down at ECSC. Vans BMX stars Scotty Cranmer, TJ Ellis (pictured), Cory Nastazio, Ryan Guettler, Kyle Baldock and more will compete today at 12 -2 in a qualifying round.

Saturday 12-1 is the final round. Riders are competing for a portion of the $25,000 purse.

There's also Vert Demos going on all weekend with Simon Tabron, Coco Zurita and DMC Dennis McCoy.

The event is free to get into, and you can also keep up with us on @vansbmx66 on Instagram and twitter.

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BMX Team @ Dew Tour 2012


The Vans BMX Team shreds the Dew Tour in Ocean City Maryland for an exciting week of park and vert riding.  Watch how high Coco is blasting the vert ramp this year- good thing it's outdoors! No limits!


Dew Tour park finals


Six riders made the main in Maryland and they all stepped it up from the preliminary rounds.
The last rider to go was Scotty Cranmer, he had to drop in knowing Brett Banasiewicz, Ryan Nyquist and Kyle Baldock had already posted scores in the 90's. Scotty rose to the occasion beginning his run with a flip double whip over the sub rail, something he hadn't done yet in the competition.

Scotty gave his all and ended up in 3rd place. Kyle Baldock is riding really tech and everything he does he does it seemingly with ease. 360 whip to whip back and upside down 900's every try.

Vans young gun Daniel Sandoval made the main and finished in 5th with moves like a giant triple whip on the drop down hip.

A great performance all round for the Vans crew at the first stop of Dew Tour for 2012. Stop 2 is in October in San Fransisco, check HERE for more info.

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Cranmer qualifys first for Dew Final.


Scotty Cranmer has been looking forward to this day for some time. He had to sit through a tough qualifying round yesterday, as a reward for being the 2011 Dew Tour champion.

Today he got to ride park semi final and he got it done first run of three. He was flowing and tricking all over the course to the sounds of Bruce Springsteen and the result was a 92.63!

Scotty qualified first for Sunday's park final along with Aussie, Kyle Baldock and young gun, Daniel Sandoval.

Other Vans pro's in the semi final were Andy Buckworth 7th, Gary Young 8th, and Pat Casey 10th.

Watch the final Sunday on NBC 2pm - 4ET or follow the Vans team @vansbmx66

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Vert finals at Dew Tour


As the sun set on East Coast, Vans pros Simon Tabron and Coco Zurita were doing battle in the Dew Tour Vert final.

Coco was airing so high, and his first run was his best scored with flair whips, double whips and signature snapped table around 14ft.

Simon lead the event throughout most of the contest until he was overtaken in run 3 by Vince Byron and then Jamie Bestwick.

This photo of Simon is an Allyoop no-handed 540! Simon finished the night with a traditional 900 that he pulled right off the side of the ramp, taking out a camera man from NBC.

Great show on the beach tonight in Maryland, good job to all six competitors and especially Simon Tabron for making podium.

For more info check the Dew tour site HERE
And follow @vansbmx66 on Instagram.

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26 become 11, Dew Tour park prelims

Today in Ocean City, Maryland twenty six riders dropped in for three, forty five second runs. Best run counts and now we have eleven riders for tomorrows semi final. Scotty Cranmer watched today as a bonus for his 2011 season. He will compete tomorrow.

Pat Casey had a flat rear tire just a couple minutes before his name was to be called for run 0ne, with a pit crew on hand, the tire was ready to go and he literally picked up his bike, dropped in and qualified 2nd! Unreal!

Kyle Baldock messed up his first two runs, leaving all the pressure in the world for run three. Kyle pulled it though and qualified in 6th.

Saturdays semi final looks like this. Top 6 will go to Sundays final.

Scotty Cranmer (VANS)
Brett Banasiewicz
Pat Casey (VANS)
Drew Bezanson
Harry Main
Daniel Sandoval (VANS)
Kyle Baldock (VANS)
Ryan Nyquist
Gary Young (VANS)
Garrett Reynolds
Chad Kerley
Andy Buckworth (VANS)

The semis kicks off at 5:30pm ET and televised on NBC Sports at 11pm ET.

Follow us on @VansBMX66 (Instagram and twitter)

For more info click HERE for the Dew Tour site

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Tabron Qualifies first in Vert Prelims


Today in Ocean City, Maryland for Dew Tour stop 1, Vert Prelims got under way. Twelve riders were cut to six for tomorrows final.

Vans Pro Simon Tabron was on point today and finished in the top spot. Simon can allyoop 540 so good! Coco Zurita blasted to the moon and finished 5th, and DMC put a couple great runs together and finished 7th.

DMC will miss the finals, but was happy with his riding today non the less.

The Vert finals are scheduled for Friday evening 7:30pm EST, for more information, check the official Dew Tour site HERE

Good luck Coco and Simon!

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Vans’ Inaugural LXVI BMX Invitational Hits the Beach at the ECSC August 24th and 25th

The first LXVI BMX Invitational presented by Vans hits the beach on August 24th and 25th at the historic Virginia Beach Oceanfront alongside the Coastal Edge East Coast Surfing Championships presented by Vans. The LXVI BMX Invitational challenges twenty of the world’s best BMX riders including Scotty Cranmer, Ryan Guettler, Ryan Nyquist and Cory Nastazio as they compete in a triple box jump contest for their share of a $25,000 prize purse.

Expected Riders Include: Scotty Cranmer (2012 X-Games Gold BMX Park, 2012 Dew Tour Champion BMX Park), Ryan Guettler (2005 Dew Tour Champion BMX Dirt and Park, X-Games medalist), Pat Casey, Gary Young, Kyle Baldock, Cory Nastazio (X-Games medalist), Ryan Nyquist (numerous X-Games medals and Dew Tour championships), Brett Banasiewicz, Dennis Enarson, Jeremiah Smith, and Brandon Dosch.

Expected Judges Include: Robbie Morales (Cult), Keith Mulligan (Ride BMX), Ben Crockett (BMX Plus!), Dave Brumlow and Allan Cooke.

Contest Schedule – Best 2 out of 3 Runs
Thursday, Aug. 23rd 2PM – 4PM - Open Practice
Friday, Aug. 24th 12PM – 2PM - Qualifiers
Saturday, Aug. 25th 12PM – 1PM - Finals

Prizes: 1st place: $5,000 2nd place: $3,750 3rd place: $3,000 Runner ups will receive a portion of the $25,000 purse.

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Dew Tour Stop 1 Begins Thursday


The Vans BMX team has arrived in Ocean City, Maryland for stop one of The Dew Tour.

Competition begins on Thursday, August 16 with BMX Vert. Simon Tabron, Coco Zurita and Dennis McCoy will take on the Half Pipe and try to make the six man final for Friday.

The Park discipline runs from Thursday through Sunday, with 2011 the Dew Tour Park Champion Scotty Cranmer advancing to Saturdays semi final as a reward for his 2011 season.

Look for other Vans pros in the Park preliminary rounds trying to move into the finals including Kyle Baldock, Pat Casey, Ryan Guettler, Andy Buckworth, Diogo Canina, Rob Darden, Ben Hennon, Josh Harrington, Chase Hawk, Daniel Sandoval, Mark Webb, Gary Young.

This stop also includes Mini Mega Ramp and Flatland. Vans Europe and French Flatland Pro, Matthias Dandois will be in Ocean City!

For more information on the Dew Tour and this first stop for 2012, check HERE

Keep up with the Vans BMX crew live on Instagram and twitter. @vansBMX66

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TJ Ellis Power Hour


How much can you get done in one hour? Tj Ellis puts together some heavy runs at Tuttle's trails in So Cal for Vital BMX.

Power Hour: TJ Ellis - More BMX Videos

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By The Lake by Kevin Kalkoff


Our crew in Europe along with Kevin Kalkoff recently put on a really good event in South Eastern French town of Annecy.

This video features Vans Europe team riders Bruno Hoffmann, Matthias Dandois and Ben Hennon.





Dak gets his grind on all up and down the California coast in this new BMX edit from Monster Energy. If you know Dakota, you'll appreciate the lifestyle clips they included in the production. Dakota is always down for a good time. I've got a feeling the rail hop wall ride at 02:01 move is going to change the way we look at street in the near future. Props to Will Stroud for the smooth filming.

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Vans X Shadow Team Trip + Dan's Comp Video


Vans teamed up with the Shadow Conspiracy to do a couple bad ass shoes for this season and they took a trip out East to promote the collar with some street, parks and a demo at Dan's Comp. Just recognize how small the box jump is and all those tricks now seem super scary.

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