Simon Tabron Releases New Highlight Edit


Check out this new video from Simon Tabron behind the scenes at the Tony Hawk ramp and the Mega Ramp. Simon is no stranger to riding with skateboarders, and trades the resi for a ten-foot air any day of the week.  

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VANS France, Anthony Perrin on Pro


Vans France bumped up Anthony Perrin to the Pro team. Check his new edit to see why. So good!


Dan Lacey On His Street Game


Vans BMX UK rider Dan Lacey goes behind enemy lines in this edit for Chain Reaction Bike Shop. Lacey shreds his way through the war-torn streets of the Middle East and smashes out some bangers in Tel Aviv and Barcelona.  The bomb sirens are pretty scary- so are some of Dan's moves.

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Kobza Night Moves


Our boy Lahsaan Kobza burned the midnight oil on this Shadow Conspiracy edit - literally. Filmed all in the wee hours of the night, Lahsaan lights up some spots and keeps it steely under the cover of darkness.

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See what Chilean Coco Zurita gets up to on this day in the life by Alli Sports.

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Vote DMC for the BMX Hall of Fame


It's pretty crazy to think that Dennis McCoy is not in the BMX Hall of fame, considering he turned pro before a couple of the guys on the Vans BMX team were even born.
Nominations for the BMX Hall of fame just opened and anyone can make nominations.  DMC has too many accomplishments to list on here but the BMX historians over on 23mag have a great wiki history of Dennis and all his media exploits. Go to this link vote for Dennis McCoy for the BMX Hall of Fame and let everyone in your tweet world know you voted with a #DMC4HOF tag!

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