Gary Young Earns Bronze Medal at X Games


Our San Diego ripper, Gary Young shredded his was to a bronze medal in BMX Park this afternoon in front of a huge crowd at LA Live in Los Angeles, CA. Gary Young was the number one qualifier coming into the main event and still had enough gas left in the tank to roast his way onto the podium for a bronze medal.

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Scotty Cranmer Vid


Here is a little look at what Scotty Cranmer has been doing on his bike in the past couple weeks between Double Pits To Chesty commercials and mandatory tanning rides. Good luck to Scotty, Gary, Chase and Diogo at X Games finals on Saturday.

Go to for more videos.

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Ty Morrow Qualifies first in Street at X Games

X Games BMX Street Elimination just wrapped up and Ty Morrow took home the top position going into the final round. Vans riders Dakota Roche, Sean Sexton, and Josh Harrington will all be repping Vans in the Finals on Sunday at 10:45am. Don't party too hard on Saturday night or you'll miss it!

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On the road with the bmx team episode 3

Gary Young shows up at the Glendale Skatepark all jet-lagged from Australia and Chase Hawk goes to the moon on some of the best concrete that Arizona has to offer. Later in the day a major hip session goes down at the bike-friendly Chandler park as the team puts on an impromptu show for the locals. Watch Day 3



The Vans BMX team has a strong presence at the X Games. Josh Harrington, Sean Sexton, Dakota Roche, Dan Lacey and Ty Morrow compete in prelims today on the Street course at X Games 16. Good luck to the boys!
Complete coverage of BMX at the X Games can be found here

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Gary Young Qualifies First in BMX Park


Gary Young Qualifies First in X Games Park
X Games is under way and the Vans BMX team is already burning rubber.
Gary Young roasted the snot out of the XG 16 Park course and set himself up for the pole position for BMX Park Finals.
Gary Young, Diogo Canina, Chase Hawk and Scotty Cranmer will all be stomping it for Vans in the main event on Saturday at 11am Pacific Time. Don't miss it!

Check out the online ESPN coverage here.

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Four Vans Riders Qualified for Park at X Games

Four out of six Vans team riders qualified today for Park Finals on Saturday. Congrats and good luck!

Gary Young 1st
Diogo Canina 3rd
Chase Hawk 5th
Scotty Cranmer 9th

Unfortunately, Ryan Guettler suffered a 3rd degree separation on his left shoulder last weekend at Dew Tour. And Mark Webb got hurt badly almost breaking his foot from a crash the day after Dew Tour filming. Better luck next year guys. Get better soon!


X Games Live This Weekend

Los Angeles is becoming X Games heaven as of today. Over 200 of the best action sports athletes in the world will take over ramps, rails, dirt, park and street courses until Sunday, August 1. Keep your eye out for a grip of Vans athletes competing in BMX. If you can't make it out to see records being broken, and unbelievable tricks, ESPN has all the coverage you've ever dreamed about so you won't miss anything.

BMX Park
Diogo Canina
Scotty Cranmer
Ryan Guettler
Chase Hawk
Gary Young
Mark Webb

BMX Street
Josh Harrington
Ty Morrow
Dakota Roche
Sean Sexton

BMX Vert
Coco Zurita
Dennis McCoy


Vans Video Vault with Ryan Guettler


Australian Hellman and Vans BMX Team rider Ryan Guettler hooked up with Vital BMX to talk about his newest signature shoe, the Whip 3. Check out a few clips of him shredding and see how you can win a pair of his favorite shoes. You can catch Ryan competing in the X Games going on in LA this weekend.

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Alistair Whitton lives a pretty unique life. His summer's are spent at the BMX Mecca of Woodward Camp where riding, chilling and goofing are all part of the job. Check out this TOQ Edit that Woodward Camp produced to show what it's like to be a full-time pro BMXer at Woodward. Putting on your pants one leg at a time is not part of the deal. Watch it here.

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Chase Hawk Cult Bike Check


If you want to see what parts Chase Hawks trusts on his Cult BMX bike, check out his most recent bike check over at Espn, and watch for Chase to be floating high in the LA atmosphere this week in X Games BMX Superpark with the rest of the qualified Vans riders.

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Luke Parlsow Scores Podium Spot in Chicago


It was a wet one at the Chicago Dew Tour this weekend, and unfortunately dirt jumps melt when it rains all night long. Fuzzy and his crew worked tirelessly to get the jumps dried out and re-built for the competition and Luke Parlsow made it through the muck to nab a 3rd place finish with big backflip tailwhips, front flip table tops and double tailwhips. The next stop will be the Portland Dew Tour and hopefully the Vans team will get to ride some of the sick skateparks in their downtime. Congrats Luke!

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Josh Harrington Art of Rails on ESPN

Our boy Josh Harrington has a cool shot up on as the lead photo for their Art of Rails gallery. Check Josh heading to work at a triple kinker here.

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X Games 16 is Coming at You Next Week


Can you believe it's been 16 years since the X Games started? This year marks it's seventh consecutive year the event will take place in Los Angeles. Starting Thursday, July 29 - Sunday, August 1, more than 200 of the best action sports athletesin the world will compete in Skate, BMX, Moto and Rally competition. Be on the look out for Vans BMX Team riders Scotty Cranmer, Ryan Guettler, Josh Harrington and Ty Morrow, just to name a few. If you can't join us in LA, ESPN has you covered with 30 plus hours of HD programming over the course of the event. Hold your breath, because it will be here before you can say X Games.


Colin Mackay's Bike ... ONLY SMALLER


Check out Colin Mackay's new Flik Trix Haro BMX Bike. Spinmaster just sent out samples and they are pretty rad. Colin Must be getting another one too with his bright yellow bike so be on the look out for that one too. Check out the Vans stick on the down tube.

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New DAKOTA Vans Edit in HB


Dakota Roche is the newest member to the Vans BMX team, and he cooked up this nice edit to give us a look at his daily scene in Huntington Beach. Enjoy the hops, Dak has plenty to go around.

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Cranmer Camping (Woodward Style)


2009 X Games Gold Medalist Scotty Cranmer is currently out at Camp Woodward in Pennsylvania dialing in his moves for X Games 16. Cranmer, the defending Gold Medalist in BMX Superpark will roll into Los Angeles Juy 29-August 1st for a week of shredding in downtown LA.

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Guettler's New Helmet


Check out Guettler's new Pro-tec custom painted helmet for the 2010 season.
This helmet will be flipping and spinning multiple times all summer long.

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On The Road With Vans BMX Team Episode 2

The team gets up early to ride the Mesa Skatepark but get rained out after a handful of trains on the hip. A few phone calls later and they end up riding a private bowl housed at a gymnastics camp. Josh Harrington puts down a couple moves while the rest of the team practices their double front flips. Check out Day 2.


Dak Attack on G Sport


Some hot fire from our newest recruit, Dakota Roche. Probably the scariest hangover tooth we've ever seen and the 720 on the curb wasn't bad either. Check it on G Sport.

GSPORT BROADCAST: Roche – July 2010 Edit

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Alistair July Update


From Alistair Whitton: Had a real fun day today. Started off hanging out with my two boys Brener and Carter. Then headed down to camp Woodward to do some activities. Ronnie Nap and myself rode the cage for a bit. I love how stock that place is, but has lots of fun lines and ramps. Then we geared up and rode some Moto. Wessel built this track like 10 years ago. It rips. Then I put my running shoes on and did some Parkour in the gym. I'm loving this free running stuff. Now I'm going to eat some food and go to bed just to be woken up every 2 hours by baby Carter. Laters" -Ali

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Gary Young Day Edit

Kids if you want to know what Gary Young eats for breakfast ... he eats really scary wall rides and spits out edits like X Games isn't around the corner. This is some real BMX riding. Seen at Tuesdays With Miles on

Go to Tuesdays With Miles for more videos.

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Nasty goes bareback


Our dirt dog, the one and only Cory Nastazio takes a break from the bike to freestyle on a nearby horse. Pure comedy. Check it out on

Go to for more videos.

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On The Road With The Vans BMX Team Episode 1


Day 1

It's a Vans invasion. The Vans BMX Team drops anchor in Tempe, AZ and starts off early at a giant concrete skatepark. Luke Parslow goes upside down before noon and Josh Harrington drops a big nose wheelie to barspin like it's nothing. If you like bowls, you'll love these clips.

Look out for 6 more episodes to come...


Gary Youg headed to Barcelona

Gary is en route to Barcelona for a little redemption at a famous ledge in the city. Gary is filming for an Odyssey web vid, the San Diego video and will be competing in a contest there this week. In other news, a kid named Brendan aka "Goatboi" attempted to shave the Vans logo into one of his min-goats. Thanks for the free advertising!

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