Good, Bad and Ugly with Guttler


Check out Ryan Guettler's talk with Fat BMX about 2010's the Good, Bad and Ugly!

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VH1 "The X Life" Trailer featuring Nasty


If you didn't know, our own Cory Nastazio is staring in a reality tv show on VH1 called "The X Life." It starts on January 10th at 10pm. Watch this trailer of Cory meeting up with his mom to discuss proposing to Nicole. This show has trouble written all over it- Enjoy, we will.

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Nasty Presents Murray Jam 2011


Nasty just hit us up with the news that he is having a Stephen Murray benefit jam in Temecula on January 15 with $10,000 on the line. Here are the details:

Stephen Murray Benefit Sick Trick Contest/Rockstar Pool Party

“Everyone is invited, it’s a benefit for Stephen Murray. There’s going to be eight Rockstar bars, DJs, heated pool party, Jose Cuervo shoot girls, best trick comp, $10,000 up for grabs—top three paid out. The three jumps are amazing, with a nine-foot quarter at the end—so big and fun it will be the best party/comp I have put together. Filmed by Fuel and vh1…You don’t want to miss it…”—Cory Nastazio

Opens at 3PM, January 15th, 2011. Comp will start when sun goes down.

$10 to get in. All the admission money and bar money goes to Stephen.

Sponsors: Cuervo, Rockstar, Vans, and Haro…

27215 Avenida Del Diablo
Temecula, CA

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Guettler's Back on the bike

After a quarter of 2010 on the bench with double shoulder injuries, Vans BMX Pro Ryan Guettler has the go ahead to ride from the Doc. He's been riding for a week now at Mirra's warehouse in Greenville, N.C loosening up and getting his moves back.
Guettler can't handle the harsh east coast winter and is heading back to Australia at the start of January for the remainder of the Aussie summer.
Guettler will be taking a new bike back to Australia! He finishes 2010 riding for Mirra-co, and will continue in 2011 on a full Colony complete bike. (He previously just rode Colony parts, and Mirra-co frame.) Guettler has signature parts out with Colony already, and a complete Colony bike is already in the works.
Guettler plans to compete in the Australian BMX Games in February.


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Vans x Shadow Conspiracy BMX Video Teaser


Vans and Shadow Conspiracy teamed up to shred Southern California and try out the new shoe that the two companies designed over the past year. Featuring Trey Jones, Alistair Whitton, Ty Morrow and Lahsaan Kobza, the four riders hit up the trails, streets and skateparks for some good times. For now, check out the teaser for an in depth look at the creation of the Vans X Shadow shoe coming in January 2011.

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Parslow in Glamour Magazine


We can't believe it either. Vans BMX rider Luke Parlsow gives you some relationship advice. If you've got mood swings, you and Luke aren't getting along.
Spotted over on Ride Bmx.

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Vans x Shadow Trip in the bag


The crew made it out to the Chino park to shred the huge bowls for a few hours before heading up to Mammoth Mountain to hit the slopes for a couple days. Dak met up to put down a few hot moves and luckily we made it the whole afternoon with no cops kicking us out. Stay tuned for a couple edits to drop in the next few weeks. Here is a shot of Ty's Shadow Shoes and Trey rocking a shattered iPhone at the park.


Harrington Summer Pic


This pic was taken in the middle of Summer in Josh Harrington's backyard, those beautiful tree's have now lost all there leaves and it has already been snowing here in Greenville, North Carolina.


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Vans x Shadow Trip Day 2


After getting kicked out of a rail spot by a scary dude with a pick ax, we found our way over to some new trails today and had a pretty heavy dirt session. Needless to say, Trey Jones was going so high all day. San Diego local Gary Young met up with us and got a couple clips for good measure in the midst of a Shadow Conspiracy shred fest. Here is a shot of Alistair whipping mid-set early in the session before we headed to Chula Vista skatepark to finish out the day.
Riding Orange County on Wednesday - we promise.

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Vans x Shadow Day 1


Day 1 of the Vans x Shadow road trip is in the bag.
The guys all met up at Ty's new house in San Diego and then headed for a shred plaza a few miles away and filmed some pretty heavy lines. Day 2 the guys are headed into the Orange Curtain with a couple pit spots along the way. Look for the giant Vans bus to be cruising up the 5 tomorrow. Here is a shot of Ty after he re-defined the term, "bunnyhop." Just wait and see.

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Vans x Shadow Conspiracy trip in Socal

Vans teamed up with The Shadow Conspiracy to do a little SoCal road trip this week heading to San Diego, Orange County and Riverside. Trey Jones, Alistair Whitton, Lahsaan Kobza and Ty Morrow will be kicking it all week getting clips and shooting photos so look out at your local spots for the crew to roll through. Also check out this feature on Alistair's tattoo work over on the Alli site.

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Coco Zurita at 140MPH


If you thought riding a vert ramp looked scary, try cornering your car at over 100mph all day.
Coco has the need for speed and gets his fix in his Mitsubishi Evo in this video.

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