Vans pros Dakota Roche and Bruno Hoffmann are in Shanghai, China for the X Games Asia going on until May 1st.

HERE is the website for the event

Vans Team Manager Jerry Badders is with the boys so it should be a good trip.

Good luck to them!

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A video has surfaced from the recent Vans Camp at The Block in Orange County, Calif.

30 excited and eager to learn kids signed up from ages 6-15. We even had a girl sign up.

Check it out HERE from ESPN.

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Vans Am, this Saturday in the O.C


This Saturday, April 14. The Vans park in Orange County will be the grounds for the Amateurs to shine.

Guest judges Cory Nastazio, Dan Foley, Colin Mackay and Ronnie Napolitan.

See you there from 10am

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Newtons Nation Dirt comp Australia Ap. 27-29


Coming up in two weeks time, Newtons Nation in N.S.W Australia. Ryan Guettler is flying over to support it and Cam White built the Jumps and will also ride. Should be a good event...

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Mackay Burns Rubber


Check out this new video Colin Mackay did for Kenda Tires. Steezing it out everywhere from Virginia Beach to Austin, TX.

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Dirt Life with Nasty


Cory Nastazio's Breaks down his Morning Routine in Tehachapi... Battling the Wind

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Matthias cover of Soul BMX


French magazine Soul BMX this month sports a cover that is pretty unique. It features the frenchman Matthias Dandois who is fresh off the Simple Session park contest.

Mattias ride's it all including beach side spot's in his Owens Hi "2"


Dan Lacey "Best Trick" edit

U.K Vans absolute shredder, Dan Lacey won the recent "Our House" Jam in the U.K. Here's a video put together by the mighty Green Films for Vans featuring Dan's riding throughout the day including the 1st place trick.


Parslow in Nasty Territory

Cory "Nasty" Nastazio has a compound in Eastern California. Luke Parslow stopped by and went through some big moves until the sun set for this Issuez Inc production.

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Vans Bmx and Skate Demo at 29 Palms


The Vans crew loaded up the RV with a bunch of riders and skaters and headed out to the 29 Palms Marine base to shred their skate plaza and hand out some Vans swag to all the loyal fans. Te concrete was pretty slick but some wild moves went down over the picnic table. Featuring Ryan Guettler, Dakota Roche, Gary Young, Josh Borden, Hoang Tran and some steezy flow team riders as well.

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Simple Session 12 wrap up


Tallin, Estonia has become host for one of the biggest park contest's of the year. Simple Session 12 wrapped up this past weekend with 111 entrant's competing and after nine hour's of Prelim's Saturday the top 24 moved onto Sundays final.

Vans had eight riders make the final's and unfortunately a couple of injuries along the way. Josh Harrington was having a great weekend up until final trick's where he tried to over ice a back rail off a really tall wedge. Josh and his long leg's just couldn't run out of the fall and he buckled his knee. Josh will get it looked at when he returns home today.

Gary Young qualified in 5th position and looked for a podium spot in the finals with creative lines, switch 3's and fast pace. Gary went for a huge 270 transfer and his bike smashed his head into the ground and left Gary old cold on the cement floor. Gary walked from the course and went for further treatment at the local Hospital, but was cleared to fly home today.

Pat Casey and Daniel Sandoval, the two rookies on the Vans team, finished 5th and 4th respectively. Both these kid's have a few new trick's every contest it's exciting to see. Pat revealed a flip barspin to tailwhip, and a front flip flair. Daniel is a fire cracker to watch, you know he's going to send something outrageous. At this event he debuted a front flip barspin.

A tough final for the legend's on the Vans team, but a solid one for the rookies.

If you ever want to go to a contest Simple Session has to be on your list, it's the rider's from all over the world, the late night parties the quality ramps with a mix of street incorporated keeps everybody happy. See you in 2013!

Simple Session 2012: Finals - More BMX Videos

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Guettler Checking In


“I just wanted to check in and fill you in on what I’ve been up to the last few weeks.
In case you missed it, my Monster edit
This past weekend was the Las Vegas Xtreme Thing 2012 Dirt Comp. Practice was really amazing and the jumps were massive but the wind kicked in and no one could get through the jumps so we had a best trick comp on the last jump. It was just like it sounds pretty lame but at least we made some thing happen. I got to do a superman flip and 720 - just played safe in the wind and had a good time.
My good mate Jaie Toohey has moved in so were riding dirt every day. I’ve been showing him some of my spots in Cali and I even got a dirt bike to play on the track which has been really fun, it’s just good to take a day off BMX and enjoy something else fast.
We have been going to Woodward a lot because its one of the most fun places on earth. I’ve been working on a few new stunts for this years comps so I’m keen to show every one soon. Talk soon.”

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