Dak and Sexton in Barcelona!


This Cinema Wheels trip happened straight after the Vans Rebel Jam in Holland. Dak took a few really good spills over the weekend at Rebel Jam and definitely needed a couple of weeks off the bike, not go straight on a trip. It doesn't even look like he was hurt in Barcelona!

Dak and Sean both kill it in this one. Cinema is working on a DVD so look out for that.

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Now's your chance to hang with member's of the Haro BMX team including Cory "Nasty" Nastazio!

Vans Skatepark in Orange, C.A April 13!

Sign up at the park or call (714) 769-3800

For $150 ($175 non members) you'll receive a pr of Vans, a Pro-Tec helmet, and there will tons of promo, plus you get to hang with Vans/Haro team Pro's!

Hope to see you there! Limited spots so get in quick!

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Vans' In the Chair Rider Spotlight: Ty Morrow


In the latest episode of In the Chair, we follow Pro BMX rider Ty Morrow to the dentist's office to hear about how he bounced back from a head injury and his cross-country move!

Vans' In the Chair Rider Spotlight is a new video series that gives viewers an inside look into the lives of their favorite Vans riders. The series features interviews with Vans team riders while they go about their daily lives - from driving a car to jumping out of an airplane - from getting a tattoo to a haircut and shave, In the Chair takes you behind the scenes into the lives of some of the most talented athletes in action sports today.

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New Harrington part!


Josh Harrington kills it. In this part Josh gets crazy in Las Vegas, San Diego and Ohio. The second angle in this really shows how epic these clips are.

Filmed and Edited By: Miles Rogoish
Additional Filming: Tony Ennis, Lahsaan Kobza & Colin Mackay
Music: Kaiser Chiefs - Oh My God

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Vans BMX Night presented by CULT this Thursday!



Vans X Colony Collab on FatBMX


Guettler gives the low-down on the Vans X Colony collab shoes over on Fatbmx.com. Black and yellow was pretty hot last year so these shoes should go quick.

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Ryan Guettler Moves (Back) to Cali


Guett hit us with the details of his cross country roadtrip:
"Let me point out that I've never driven over 5 hours and the biggest trailer ive ever pulled is the one that pulls my lawn mower just a few blocks down the street. We pulled a 27 foot car carrying trailer packed to the ceiling. We did 9 hours the first day, but then I kicked into driving mode and did 19 hours the following day, and 20 the last day into California. Crazy we made the trip in 3 days when we were expecting to do it in 5 or 6. Driving that many hours in one day is unreal. We saw so much different landscape and weather it was unbelievable. We would start out in the morning driving in snow, then it would turn into flat deserts by the afternoon we would be going up the steepest mountains. One scary event on the roadtrip was being almost overtaken by a semi truck until its tire exploded causing him to lose control and almost taking us off the road with him. I just pinned it and didn’t look back. My heart was racing. But we got to California safe and sound. This morning I unpacked the trailer, went down to the beach to get lunch, and tonight we’re going to the Supercross race to cheer on our boy Chad Reed. Tomorrow morning ill put my bike together and let the good times begin." -Ryan Guettler

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Pat Casey Epic Monster Edit


Pat Casey is the future. He proves it every time the tape starts rolling. In this Chino Skatepark edit for Monster Energy, Pat Casey mixes smooth tech riding with big quarterpipe moves. It's safe to say that Pat has vader nose wheelies and downside whips on lock.

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Pat Case Wins Fise Costa Rica with New Double Decade


FISE brought their European contest a little closer to North America this year by hosting an insane comp down in Costa Rica this weekend. Pat Casey landed a new trick on his way to taking first place with the world's First Double Decade on a BMX bike, and Vans team rider Dan Sandoval came in second place with a 720 double tailwhip - also a world's first on a BMX bike. Check out both clips below. Congrats guys!


Ali Whitton: A Day In The Life


When most people film a day in the life, it's usually done over the course of a weekend of several days. No only did Ali bang this out in one day, but this is actually what most of is days are like when he's not at a contest or dodging crashing helicopters in a Hollywood movie. You jealous.

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Simon Tabron on the most perfect ramp ever built

Vert style cat Simon Tabron got a rare solo-session at the Hawk ramp - which is usually crawling with pro skaters. Touted as one of the most perfect ramps ever built, Tabron hammers out some huge 540 variations and ninja-like combos that will make you feel like you're watching a Mark Mullville trails edit. Serious steez.


Parslow now riding for SE + New Video


Luke Parslow just inked a solid deal with BMX pioneers SE Bikes, head up by the one and only Wildman, Todd Lyons. Check out an interview with Luke Parlsow and heaps of action footage from his private backyard trails.

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