Vans x Shadow Collab Shoe Feature on Ride


Ride just dropped a in-depth interview about the Vans x Shadow Collab shoe and all the work that went into getting a shoe that the riders could really put to work. Peep the interview and team photos on the site.

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Cranmer Scores Ride BMX Cover and Feature


Vans rider Scotty Cranmer scored the latest Ride BMX Magazine cover for March/April 2011 with an insane barspin drop-in shot in one of the many LA river ditches. Cranmer's much anticipated 11-page interview is also in the issue with some hot moves that are just plain futuristic. If you remember Cranmer's cover from this summer where he tailwhipped off the Vans Tour bus, it was undoubtedly a warm-up for this crazy cover shot.But the real question it, will he talk about Panty Dropp'in?

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Watch the X Life on VH1 with Cory Nastazio


Cory Cory Cory. Our boy, BMX Team rider Cory Nastazio has been sharing his life with the cameras now more that ever and is staring in a reality show called "The X Life" on Vh1, Monday's at 10pm PST. Check out a sneak peak of tomorrow night's episode. You never know what's going to happen.

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Watch the X Life on VH1 with Cory Nastazio



Sean Sexton No Cut Session


If real life were this easy, everyone would be in the X Games.
Sean Sexton makes you believe that doing virtually every trick regular and opposite on flat ground is both easy and not a big deal. Check out this behind the scenes vid from Kink were Sean's team manager gives him one heck of a To Do list. The camera doesn't cut away as Sean knocks each one down with ease. Welcome to the future, Sean has been there for a while now.

Sean Sexton flat ground from Kink Bike Co. on Vimeo.

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Nasty Jam / Stephen Murray Benefit Vid


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Parslow wins Nasty Jam, $5,000 + Antlers


Nasty Jam took Temecula, CA by storm this weekend with 30 of the best dirt jumpers all competing for $5,000 in the BMX Best Trick contest with proceeds going to benefit Stephen Murray. Parslow was flip-whipping all night and took it to the next level with a double-backflip turndown, a trick Murray was working on before his injury. Fellow Vans rider Pat Casey took home second place with an insane 360 barspin to double-tailwhip and flip double tailwhips. Thanks to Rockstar, Vans and PRO-TEC for an amazing night of progressive riding. Look for a team edit featuring the rest of the Vans dirt team and keep an eye out for scenes in an upcoming episode of VH1's X Life.

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Vans x Shadow Conspiracy Collaboration Featured on Vital BMX

Vans BMX Team rider Lahsaan Kobza takes a look at Vans' newest collaboration shoe with East Coast BMX company, The Shadow Conspiracy. Lahsaan rides for both companies and rocks the shoes on the San Diego streets while filming for the new Subrosa video and up-coming Trip promo. Check out the shoes and some sneak-peak clips from the Vans X Shadow road trip in this edit on Vital BMX.


Nasty Jam this Saturday Night


We've mentioned before that our boy Cory Nastazio is holding a benefit jam for Stephen Murray this Saturday, January 15th. All bar money and the $10 admission money goes straight to Stephen. The contest with $10,000 up for grabs starts when the sun goes down but the party opens at 3pm. Get camera ready because FUEL TV and VH1 will be filming the whole night, and bring your bathing suits because the pool is heated.

27215 Avenida Del Diablo
Temecula, CA

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Nasty's VH1 Show online


If you missed Nasty's show on VH1 last night you can check it out online. Tons of vintage Nastazio footage. The X Life.

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Nasty's VH1 Show Starts Monday, January 10th


We already gave you the warning that our boy Cory Nastazio is going to staring in a reality tv show on VH1 called "The X Life." It starts on this Monday, January 10th at 10pm, so get ready.

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Luke Parslow and TJ Ellis on

Luke and TJ get down with a pretty serious game of B.I.K.E. for the crew.
If you aren't familiar with the games it's just like HORSE in basketball except on BMX bikes doing some pretty nuts tricks. Check it out here.

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New Documentry Coming Out - Pro Town: Greenville


Steven Cisar Tears Up Cover of BMX Plus Mag


Check out Steven Cisar laying down a high-speed table top on the February 2011 cover of BMX Plus Magazine. Steven will be putting in time at the Olympic training center this year while gearing up for the 2012 race in London. Steven smoked the field back in 2007 with the fastest lap time in Madrid, putting himself on the map as one the guys who gets out front and doesn't look back.


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