Mackay and Young Filming for Built To Shred


ans BMX riders Gary Young and Colin Mackay joined their shovels with Fuel TV to film a Built To Shred segment on "How To Build A Dirt Jump." The two guys met up in Encinitas, CA with Built To Shred host Jeff King to toss some dirt, with a little help form a Bobcat. A few tailwhips and barspins later and they had a shredable dirt jump. Gary stuck around to ride King's wild backyard skate set-up. Check out the pics thank to Mackay and keep an eye on on Fuel TV for the action.

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Parslow Wins Extreme Thing Dirt Comp


Despite some crazy jumps and dangerous gusts of wind, Vans BMX rider Luke Parslow took home the win at the Extreme Thing BMX Dirt Contest in Las Vegas, NV over the weekend. Luke was riding with Colin Mackay on Thursday and was thinking about not even going tot he contest, but looks like he made the right decision! Nastazio also got a piece of the action taking home 3rd place. Check out the wrap-up over on

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Fuzzy Hall and Red Bull Bring Stomping Grounds To Chicago


Dirt + Street+ Construction Zone? This contest that Fuzzy designed looks amazing.

This summer, one man's pile of dirt will become another man's treasure. Red Bull Stomping Ground will transform an abandoned construction zone into the ultimate dirt playground in Chicago on May 15, 2010. Thousands will be able to witness a BMX dirt competition that will bring the tricks of the trails to an urban mecca, as riders from all over the world will meet in the Windy city to prove who has the best skills.

The abandoned construction site at the corner of Wells and Harrison in the heart of the city will be morphed into a one-of-a-kind BMX field of dreams. With a course designed by BMX legend Fuzzy Hall, dirt jumps will be mixed with found items in the construction site to challenge riders in a truly urban setting. Unlike many contests where the course must be built in several days, Red Bull Stomping Ground will be shaped over 3 weeks, giving ample time for the mind of Hall to run wild. He promises "turns, twists, hips, tons of options and just fun."

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Grosser Hits 20/20

Congrats to flow rider Kim Grosser for scoring the cover of Australia's 20/20 March issue!

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Coco Zurita Bike Check on


It may look like a scooter, but we are certain it's a bicycle! Coco shot a bunch of photos of his nice clean vert machine and all the top-end parts. Dang that Colony Phantom is low to the ground!

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Cranmer Wins ASA Triples Comp in Dekalb, IL


Straight off the Vans Tour, Cranmer took his first big win of the season in the head-to-head ASA Triple contest in which riders hit two consecutive box jumps and a final quarterpipe. Cranmer's winning run consisted of a barspin drop-in, flip double whip, no-handed front flip, and flair x-up beating out Ryan Nyquist in the final round. Less cell phone games pays off! Droid.

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Stephen Murray's Big Surprise


Thanks to Rockstar, ARF, Vans and many other sponsors, we were able to suprise Stephen Murray with a NEW VAN! Stephen was in need of a new van desperatly because of it had been breaking down, and just wasn't a confortable fit for him to ride in. His new van was "pimped out" with DVD player and monitors, navigation and back up camera, full kicker car audio and more. Next time you see the van rollin down the road, honk! It's Stephen inside.

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Albuquerque Bowl

The Vans BMX Team trip wrapped up in Albuquerque, New Mexico with by riding some ditches and a big skatepark with an amazing bowl. The riders were all pretty tired from shredding at 9am everyday, but that's what you get when you sign up for Bad Boy's Boot Camp! Keith Mulligan from Ride Magazine was shooting photos the whole time so look for some banger shots in a future issue of Ride Magazine. All I can say is, wait until you see what Scotty Cranmer did in New Mexico. With over 200gb of HD footage, look for some web edits from each spot the team rode in the coming weeks. Thanks to all the locals who showed us around and let us ride their backyard ramps!

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Albuquerque Ditch Set

After a quick pit-stop at a giant meteor crater the Vans BMX Team pulled into Albuquerque around midnight and is headed out to a bunch of ditches today.
Gary Young has been on the road for about a month and is still shredding hard on this trip. Alistair Whitton has been battling everyone in Words With Friends and has some street spots lined up for today. Screen grab photo of Gary Young slashing a one handed tabletop at the Glendale, AZ park yesterday.

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Ahhh a Crater!

On the way to NM, Alistair, Gary and Colin stopped off at a meteor crater. Take a look at the pics!

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Vans BMX Europe Winter Session

The BMX team headed up to Rampworx recently to escape the snow and the rain. Levi Rogers, Mad Jon Taylor, Matt Priest, Zack Williams, Phil Aller and Ben Hennon had the park for a two day lock in and made the most of it.

Vans BMX Team headed to New Mex

The Vans BMX Team has shredded their way through virtually every skatepark in Phoenix and is headed to New Mexico. The team has been coming back to Chandler skatepark and sessioning the roller hip like mad. Wait for the footage of Chase Hawk floating a alley-oop 270, so much steez. Parslow went home early after tweaking his ankle at the jungle gym and Guettler is battling a bad dinner that keeps coming up to say hello and our UK guest Baz has been slaying it on every vert extension in sight. Photo from the line-up at Chandler taking turns on the hip.

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Vans Combi Pool Jam

Check out this clip that Vital caught on film...a rare session at Vans' Combi Pool in Orange, California before it gets remodeled..

Vans BMX Team Autograph Signing at Albuquerque Vans Store

Alistair Whitton, Scotty Cranmer, Ryan Guettler, Cory Nastazio, and Chase Hawk will be stopping by the new Vans store at Cottonwood Mall in Albuquerque, NM on Saturday, March 13th. Autographs, plus tons giveaways and prizes while supplies last! We'll see you there..

Day 3-Vans Bmx Road Trip

The Bmx Team is on a road trip from Phoenix to Albuquerque. The guys
are at the X Court Skatepark in Glendale, AZ. Here's Gary Young taking
a run around part of the park

Vans Bmx Road Trip Update

An update from the TM Bad Boy Badders himself:
Been raining all morning, finally cleared up. At the Tempe Skatepark, no bikes allowed here, only dry spot. Stop 2, Tempe Bowl. Chase Hawk has the lines here down for sure and Bas from England is killing it. Just finished stop 3 at the Chandler bike only park. Lots of kids, going to come back tomorrow for another session. Raining outside again, so we came indoors. We are at a place called KTR "kids that rip" skatepark in Mesa, AZ. Team is now on Day 2, at Mesa Skatepark. They have a little wooden bowl, kick ass. Too many bmxers riding it, so guys took time doing gymnastics. More videos and photos to follow.

Gator Wrastlin'!

The Vans BMX Tour kicked off last night at The Foundry Moto with some gator wrestling and a bunch of rain. We are headed to the skatepark today to see what is dry and shred some of these amazing bike parks that Phoenix has to offer. Nastazio has only gone missing for 36 hours so far and we are glad to have him back. The gator is coming with to keep tabs on is whereabouts.

Vans BMX Am Contest 3 @ Vans Skateparks in April

Don't miss the Vans BMX Am Contest 3 at each Vans Skatepark this April. Guest judges include Vans pros Ryan Guettler, Cory Nastazio, Chase Hawk, Gary Young and many more. Winner from each division takes home a pass to ride free at Vans Skatepark for a year, giant sponsor prize pack and a 1st place trophy. 2nd and 3rd of each division get sponsor prize pack and a trophy. Click here for all the details.

Combi Pool Open @ The Block to BMX Riders Sunday, March 7th

For the Combi Pool's last stand before the major remodel, we are opening it up to everyone! The combi pool at The Block in Orange, CA will be open to skateboarders and bmx riders from 6pm - 10pm Sunday, March 7th. Regular session rates still apply. Come out and get your last piece of the plaster!

Vans BMX Team Autograph Signing @ Phoenix Vans Store

Ryan Guettler, Cory Nastazio, Chase Hawk, Scotty Cranmer and Alistair Whitton will be stopping by the new Vans store in Scottsdale, AZ on March 4th. Autographs, plus tons giveaways and prizes while supplies last! We'll see you there...

Mackay Slays Dirt Comp in Oz

On my last day in Australia after being there a month I was lucky enough to attend the King of Dirt contest in my hometown of Brisbane.It was a flash back from the old days for sure, with the line up of riders and old school Brisbane riders in the crowd. It was great to see some new faces in the Aussie scene as well and the future looks bright. Kids were riding really well in all classes. Chris Courtenay, Jake May, Dean Manson, little Alex, and David Girch to name a few.I got through qualifying and straight after it was the final which was 2 runs, best run counts. I laid down a first run that scored pretty good, I was stoked! The second run I messed up, but held onto my first score all the way until Guettler dropped in, and I waited his final run. (Guettler was shredding prelims with most of his scores in the 90's ) He dropped in and slammed real hard on his head but got up and shook it off, then they announced I had won! I was really happy for sure, the extra cash will help pay for all those pub meals and meat pies I ate in Oz.It was great to be able to attend such an event and thanks go out to Chris Bierton who makes it happen year after year and to Unit Clothing for putting this video together.

Vans Team @ Simpel Session

Well, what do you know - some of the Vans boys were at Simpel Session too.
Get a warm jacket, Sit back, fasten seatbelts and enjoy!

Riders: Bas Keep, Mark Webb, Gary Young, Ben Hennon, Diogo Canina, Kevin Kalkoff, Alessandro Barbero

Albuquerque Signing Photos


Alistair Whitton, Scotty Cranmer, Ryan Guettler, Cory Nastazio, and Chase Hawk stopped by a new Vans store in Albuquerque, this past Saturday to visit and sign autographs. Take a look at some photos of the event.