Nasty Shooting For Next Video Vault


Nasty was working hard all week grooming his trails after an unexpected Southern California storm, which turned into snow up at his ranch. Long days in the dirt shooting and filming paid off with some crispy action shots for some up-coming ads. Nasty's next dirt comp will be in Chicago at the Stomping Grounds event on May 15.

Mark Webb's Bike Check


Mark Webb took a break from blowing your mind to show off his new bike and all the parts that make that thing go bananas. If he said it was actually a time machine and that he travels to the future to steal his own tricks- I wouldn't be surprised. Enjoy his Voltron!


Coco Zurita Vans web video


Coco Zurita sent us this sweet web video or him blasting some vert. Check it out and look out for his tight pants on TV this summer.

Coco Zurita 2009 from ISSUEZ INC on Vimeo.

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Nasty on FUEL

Check out Cory Nastazio on "The Daily Habit" Tuesday, April 20th as he talks about the amazing foundation known as the Athlete Recovery Fund.

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Ty Morrow News Coming Soon!



Luke Parslow and TJ Ellis Feature on ESPN


"Two dirt jumpers, two completely different backgrounds, two kindred spirits once the bikes come out.TJ Ellis is a 24-year-old dirt jumper from the Moreno Valley, Calif. area. Luke Parslow is 25, and from Melbourne, Australia. Both now call Riverside home, and despite competing against each other at the Dew Tour and other big name dirt comps, both ride together often and push each other to progress." Check it out here.

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Guettler shooting for next print ad


Guettler is out traveling around North Carolina searching for a spot to shoot his next print ad and getting roughed up in the process. The first day we tried to modify a spot and ended up dropping and 800 lb slab of concrete on Guett's fingers and yesterday he took a digger to the face a spot in Raleigh. We ended up getting the perfect shot thanks to some directions from the locals. Here is a shot of Guettler's bloody arm from yesterday.

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Vans Then and Now with Dennis McCoy

You've got to give it up to one of the legendary riders of BMX, Vans team rider Dennis McCoy. He has been around forever and is still killing it. Listen up to what he has to say about then, now and everything in between.

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Mark Webb Scores Ride UK Cover!


Mark Webb scores the cover of Ride UK for this month by popping a flair at the old Southsea Skatepark snake run. Pretty cool how they lit up the whole snake run for this shot! Check out Ride UK for a preview of the entire issue online!


Vans BMX Am 3 Contest Recap

One word sums up both Vans BMX Am contests this year......INSANE! Orlando ran their contest on Saturday, April 3rd and The Block ran their contest on Saturday, April 10th. With guest judges Cory Nastazio, Ryan Guettler, Chase Hawk and many other Vans pros, the kids brought out their A game. The mezzanines were full and the music cranked. Check out the results and photos below...stay tuned for a video from The Block.

Saturday, April 3rd

Vans Skatepark

Orlando, FL

Sponsored Division

1st - Ricky Rogers

2nd - Trey Jones

3rd - David Mahoney

16+ Division

1st - John Wolski

2nd - Ian Holm

3rd - Chris Crouch

6 - 15 Division

1st - Sam Ostrowski

2nd - Lars Pepaske

3rd - Freddie Smith

Saturday, April 10th

Vans Skatepark

The Block Orange, CA

Sponsored Division

1st - Daniel Sandoval

2nd - Michael Rodriguez

3rd - Ismael Pulidr

16+ Division

1st - Juan Guerrero

2nd - Andrew Castaneck

3rd - Jonathan Kikana

6 - 15 Division

1st - Thomas Kendrink

2nd -Diego Enriquez

3rd - Nick How

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Harrington's New Vid

Josh Harrington has been busy working on his "Still Searchin'" video part, and came up with these clips for Premium along the way. Filmed in California, Colorado, North Carolina, and Florida.

Josh Harrington Premium April '10 from Premium Products on Vimeo.

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High Fives with Colin Mackay


Check me out! Colin loves riding his bike and he loves shooting photos. Check out this look into five photos he has had published in the past few years. No digi check on this one!

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Ali's Top 5's


The travel season upon us and Colin Mackay checked with Ali Whitton about some of his top 5's.

Top 5 "must pack" travel items?
Laptop. swimmy's,, sunglasses, and socks.

Top 5 things about traveling?
Air miles, flying first class, seeing new things, maybe eating different foods, and getting a Passport stamp.

Top 5 destinations you've traveled?
Australia, Cuba, Japan, Estonia, and Guam

Top 5 things that suck about traveling?
No legroom in the coach class, airports, lost luggage, language barriers, and being away from family.


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Vintage Chase Hawk

Check out Chase's video part from the first Empire video. Progression.

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Scotty Cranmer Hits up the Habit

FUEL TV's The Daily Habit hosts New Jersey BMX rider and X Games Gold medalist, Scotty Cranmer. This Vans team rider is fresh off a victory from the ASA Triple contest and will soon be heading to Guam for a demo for the Troops with the Vans crew. What else is Scotty getting into? Catch him this Wednesday, April 7th at 5pm ET.

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