Vans Guantanamo Bay, Cuba


Vans skaters and Bmx riders join forces to shred a local skatepark on the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base and give the troops a little radness on their Friday afternoon. Of course, snorkel sessions and iguana hunting were mandatory every morning.


Josh Harrington "Other Skills"


Josh Harrington has had his fair share of time spent both in front of the lens, as well as behind it. Josh has made his own videos in the past including "Against The Grain" circa 2001 and "End Search" circa 2007.

Lets see what interests Josh enough to do more than just ride a BMX bike extremely well.

How old were you when you first got into video cameras?

Got stoked on filming and editing when I first started riding when I was 13. It's fun to film your homies and vise versa. The footage is rad to look back on and motivates you to progress and have more fun on and off the BMX.

Do you remember your first video camera?
Yeah it was a piece of crap Sony trv-10 or something

Why did you decide to capture the life and times of your crew?
Keep the motivation going and the memories documented.

Is it a money maker to put out a DVD?
All of my sponsors chipped in some for travel to help me get the
projects moving. That helped a lot but there is no money to be made
when the video ends up online a few days after it goes on sale.
Whatever though!!!

Whats your take on web vids dropping like video parts in 2011?
Good and bad. It's making riding progress really fast but the progressive riding gets forgotten really fast as well. I'm stoked people are still putting the effort in to make dope DVD's!

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Coco Zurita talks Chile on!

Vans man of many talents, Coco Zurita talks about the jet setting life of living in LA and living in Chile on the endless summer program. Take a look inside his hometown of Santiago and listen to him preach the good word of BMX on VitalBMX.

Vans Video Vault: Coco Zurita in Chile - More BMX Videos

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Coco Zurita Talks Live on Vans' Waffle Soup this Wed


How rad is that? Make sure you visit us while we hang out with Coco and send in some questions for him to answer. Also, big prizes on the horizon, Coco is giving away his BMX bike! He rode this bike at Woodward West and also got 4th place at the Dew Tour Finals in Las Vegas. It's a 20inch BMX bike, low seat, bars pulled back some, awesome bike worth $1,500. Tune in to see how you can win!

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Footy from Dew Tour!


BMX Dirt Semi-Finals Highlights

Here is a little slo mo montage of the Vans Dirt riders throwing down in BMX semi-finals. Flip-whips, 720s, huge 360 look-backs and giant front flips are just a warm up for these guys. Pay close attention to the last front flip that Kyle Baldock does and how gnarly he stalls it out before tucking. The kid is mental.

Vans BMX Park Prelim Highlights

Riders Gary Young, Mark Webb, Josh Harrington, Andy Buckworth, Ryan Guettler, Ben Wallace, Diogo Canina, and Pat Casey.

2011 Dew Cup Champion Scotty Cranmer Dew Tour "Dream Run" Interview

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Kyle Baldock 2011 Highlight video

Vans rookie Kyle Baldock had an amazing 2011 season to say the least. Kyle was relatively unknown on the BMX scene last year. Unit Clothing dropped this little highlight video today to celebrate his success.


Vans BMX Riders Make Waves at Dew Tour Finals


What could be considered one of the craziest contests in BMX history, Vans riders left their mark on Dew Tour history this weekend at the finals in Las Vegas, Nevada. Park phenom Scotty Cranmer pulled his dream-run and overtook Vans rookie pro Kyle Baldock for the contest and Dew Cup win with long list of futuristic tricks. Cranmer has several X Games Gold Medals, but has never clinched a Dew Cup Title- until now. He was also awarded the Powerbar Performance of the Year for his corked 720 and backflip double whip down the step-down.

Kyle Baldock had a whirlwind of a year himself. The 20-year old from the Gold Coast of Australia was awarded Ballpark Rookie of The Year for being the highest ranking rookie in the BMX series for his accomplishments in Park and BMX Dirt. Speaking of Dirt, Kyle won the Dirt Finals hands down but missed out on the Dirt Dew Cup by only a few points. It's only the beginning for Baldock who also claimed The Pro-Tec Best Trick Award from his video clips in The Hunt BMX project seen for the first time on Thursday night.

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Vans BMX Riders Stacked in Dew Tour Finals


BMX Park Finals should be a non-stop drag-out blockbuster tomorrow with Baldock, Cranmer, Young, Harrington, Casey, Webb, and Buckworth all qualifying into Dew Tour Park finals. Baldock and Cranmer got to watch the rest of the dudes shred the course today during prelims and some wild moves went down. Park and Dirt Finals are back-to-back tomorrow from noon till 3pm so sit tight and enjoy the madness.

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VANS Let it Ride - fueled by Monster Energy

VANS Let it Ride - fueled by Monster Energy

Coming back for the 3rd season in a row the adventure continues with 12 riders spread across two teams traveling to the very south of Spain - the Canary Islands.

Tenerife and Grand Canary, the two main islands will be the playgrounds where both teams are set to explore the terrain, lifestyle and culture of what the islands have to offer.

Each team will be staying in a Vans Team house and be given nothing but their bikes and a van to find the best spots around. After 4 days, the teams switch islands, house keys and van keys - handing over their spots to the other crew giving each a chance to sessions the spots equally.

Two filmers and photographers will join the trip to capture all the adventures both, on and off the bikes and the last day will see both teams getting together for a final party to exchange their stories.

Dates: 4th November - 13th November

Destination: Tenerife & Grand Canary, Canary Islands - Spain

Riders: Dakota Roche (US)

Sean Sexton (US)

Gary Young (US)

Chase Hawk (US)

Ben Hennon (UK)

Bruno Hoffmann (GER)

Dan Lacey (UK)

Bas Keep (UK)

Kevin Kalkoff (FR)

Alex Valentino (FR)

Matthias Dandois (FR)

Eddie Zunda (FR)

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Vans BMX team shred Vegas Dew tour Dirt Prelims


This afternoon under the very hot Las Vegas sun, the Vans BMX team competed in the preliminary round of BMX Dirt at the Dew Tour 2011 final stop.

Aussie rookie pro Kyle Baldock is having a year he could only dream of, and today he qualified first 3 points ahead of 2nd place! His run was so tech and smooth, the judges had to hook him up. Flip Bar-spin first set, to whip catch whip 2nd set, front flip Baldock style the long and low, and 360 double down whip the last set was his run.

Vans team veterans Gary Young, Luke Parslow and Cory Nastazio also made the top 9 to ride Saturday evenings final.

Look for it on TV on NBC it should be a great final!

Good job boys!

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Baldock and Cranmer In the Chase for Dew Cup


Vans BMX riders Scotty Cranmer and Kyle Baldock are in the chase for the 2011 Dew Cup which comes to a head in Las Vegas Nevada this weekend. Cranmer has a chance to claim the cup in BMX Park and Baldock is up for both Park and Dirt. It should be a crazy week with the rest of the Vans riders at the Hard Rock Hotel. Check out an interview with Kyle Baldock over at the Unit blog for a little look at what he has been through this year.
If you are around the Hard Rock Hotel on Thursday night, come check out The Hunt BMX Video premier at the Muse Hall at 8pm. Some of the most insane video parts filmed this summer and the winner of the whole she-bang will be announced. Come party!

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Gary Young Scores Cover of Ride BMX Magazine


Vans rider and all-around shredder Gary Young just scored the cover of the new Ride BMX Magazine doing a crazy roof to rail down in San Diego. Gary has been spending lots of time climbing on roofs lately so this wont be the last you see of him way up in the air aiming at some poor, defenseless handrail. Go get yourself a subscription if you want to see even more goodness on the inside.

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Ryan Guettler & Jaie Toohey Roadtrip France Edit


Guettler and Toohey did a little road trip for Unit to the Lords of Dirt Contest in France to ride some amazing jumps and live the French life for a few days. Looks for a few clips of Nasty and TJ Ellis in there as well.

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Dakota Friday Interview on

Dak has a good interview up on all about living the Cult life, traveling, getting tattoos and locking himself out of his car in the Mojave Desert. Cali life. Peep it here.

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Official Lineup for Vital BMX Game of Bike- Live Webcast Today


Vans team riders Ryan Guettler, Garry Young, Kyle Baldock, Hoang Tran and Ben Wallace will be competing today against more than 20 of the top riders in the Vital BMX Game of Bike presented by Vans at the Vans Skatepark in Orange, CA. The second-annual tournament is going to be quite the contest. Definitely check out the live webcast if you can't make it to The Block.