Ty Morrow Unleashes for Primo


Ty Morrow gets it done in his new edit for Primo parts. Shot in San Diego, Boston, San Jose, and Raleigh, NC Ty is truly blazing a trail in street riding with his burly/tech style. Less than a month to see him kill it at X Games in LA. Until then, enjoy:

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How To Wallride with Dak


Dak loves to Wallride, so learn from one of the best right HERE. Thanks to RideBMX for this.

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Sandoval at FISE


This past weekend seventeen year old Daniel Sandoval traveled to Montpelier in the South of France for FISE, a contest now into its sixteenth year.

FISE has MTB, Wake Boarding, and Skate Boarding events and for BMX they have Flatland, Dirt, Park, Mini Ramp and a Mega Ramp style jump.

This year for the first time FISE was live on Eurosport TV. The organizers told the network that there's no clock or buzzer for the runs and if the rider wants to take 10 tries at a trick he can! No problem! This is a format that would not fly at X Games.

Sandoval finished the weekend with a 3rd in Mini, and 4th in Park.

Here's a quick Q & A on the up and coming star.

Vans: First trip to FISE right? DS: Yeah first FISE, it was great, there was a lot of energy from the crowd!

Vans: With thousands of people screaming for you at FISE why do you have to run headphones haha? DS: I wear my headphone because it keeps me calm an relaxed.

Vans: What are you listening to? DS: I listen to Hip Hop of Dubstep.

Vans: X Games is coming up and you got invited, congrats on that! What are thoughts on X? DS: I am honored to be in it I can't wait to ride the course.

FISE Montpellier: Mini Ramp Highlights - More BMX Videos

FISE Montpellier: Park Finals - More BMX Videos

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Nasty Vs Guettler


Oh boy, these two go head to head. The results may shock you!

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Ali at Empire of Dirt

Ali Whitton checked in after his recent contest in the U.K

"What a trip. The Red Bull Empire of Dirt in London, England was the best trip I've ever been on. The riding was amazing! I've never been more challenged on a course in my life. It had it all, Ledges, Dirt jumps, Quarters, Berms and Wall rides all in a 1 minute downhill rush. Congrats to everyone that rode just making it to the bottom was an accomplishment. I made finals and finished 13th. My lucky number."

More BMX Videos

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New Cranmer video

Scotty Cranmer is riding better than ever and with the big contests for 2012 just around the corner, he is prepared. Good luck to him!

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X Games Invites, Vans Team Coming in Hot!


Vans just made a big splash in the X Games list with riders invited from every BMX discipline. Simon Tabron will be kicking it in Big Air and Vert with DMC and Coco Zurita teaming up on the vert ramp as well. BMX Park is pretty stacked with Scotty Cranmer, Gary Young, Chase Hawk, Kyle Baldock, Pat Casey, Diogo Canina, Rob Darden, Bas Keep and Daniel Sandoval. Chances of an all Vans podium are pretty good for that one! Street will be a treat with Dakota Roche, Ty Morrow, Bruno Hoffman, Sean and Sexton throwing down, but look for a few more Vans riders to make it in before everything is said and done.

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Pat Casey, 2nd at Dirt in France at FISE


Congratulations to Pat Casey coming in 2nd tonight in Montpelier, France at FISE. Pat has Park and Mini still to come so we may see another podium!

Pat's on quite a roll right now! Get it boy!

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Vans BMX Freestyle Race - Phoenix



Cory's Corner Episode 1


In a new series with Haro Bikes and Cory "Nasty" Nastazio the format is simple, he goes to the trails, meets the locals and gets a ride in. Imagine Nasty turning up at your local spot! Episode 1 from Fury trails in San Diego, CA.

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CKI2012 This Saturday at The Bakery


This Saturday May 12 you can watch Chad Kerley's Invitational from "The Bakery" in Chicago live on RideBMX HERE from 4pm CST.

Dakota Roche and Sean Sexton will be holding it down for the Vans team with Josh Harrington a scratch due to injury.

$20,000 purse, rider judged, private event. This contest should get pretty wild! Watch the live feed to see it all go down.

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Bad Boy at it again

The "Bad Boy" Jerry Badders (Vans BMX TM) takes an opponent out on the last turn at the Winter Nationals in Arizona recently. Check the vids below. Same race 2 angles.

Look for the White long sleeve T, black full face in 4th.

This is the guy about to get third, Bad Boy say's, "No way!" Haha


Pat Casey wins X FEST U.K


Pat Casey is over in the U.K at the moment and he racked up a another Pro win on the weekend.

X Fest almost got rained out, it was freezing cold and Dirt didn't go down as planned. Nasty and TJ Ellis were sitting around all weekend!

Here's the Park contest that VitalBMX featured. Look for Sandoval and Darden with some clips!

The boys are staying over seas for either Empire of Dirt in the UK of FISE in France coming up in a week.

2012 X Fest Park Highlights - More BMX Videos

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Coco at China X


Coco Zurita checked in with us.

"It's been a great time out in China, I ended up 5th place in Vert and 9th in Mini-mega.

X Games China was really fun, it was sweet to ride a Vert ramp after 4 months.

I've been trying to get as much as I can out of this trip, hitting up skateparks like SMP, filming, and shooting photos. I also stopped by a Vans retail store in a mall, they have some sick shoes. Chinese dudes know whats up!

I am heading to Woodward Beijing tomorrow to get some riding in.

Good times!"

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Guettler and friends hit Woodward Camp

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Bruno and Dak Make BMX Street Finals at Asian X


Vans riders Bruno Hoffman and Dakota Roche make the long trek to Shanghai for Asian X and can back two top-four finishes. Bruno was able to sneak in a bronze medal with Dak close by in 4th place. Good job to both shredders fighting jet lag and crazy food. Here is a little write up Espn did with Dak about his trip overseas.

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