Cranmer and Nastazio at New Vans store in GA


 This Saturday in Kennesaw, Georgia from 2PM Come and hang out with Cory Nastazio and Scotty Cranmer. Autographs, Giveaways and more!

 More info HERE

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RedBull Skylines, Paris France!


Vans park shredders Gary Young, Daniel Sandoval, Pat Casey, Kevin Kalkoff, Ben Hennon, Baz Keep and Mark Webb have arrived in Paris for the RedBull Skylines event going on this Friday November 2nd!

Tickets are sold out so expect the place to get wild!  Check out the 3d teaser below.


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TJ ELLIS Ripping Dirt Video


TJ Ellis just dropped this ripping dirt jumping video with a bunch of opposite 360 no handers and pretty tech flip combos. You can call them tech, but anything on Parslow's big jump is just straight up burly.

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Trey Jones Fox video

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Calling the shots - BMX Vert edition

Calling the shots on Vert with Simon Tabron, Jamie Bestwick and Coco Zurita. A quality and very entertaining episode. Good to see the boys having fun.

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Dew Tour S.F wrap up


Dew Tour San Francisco is in the books. Dirt, Street, and the all new Street Style event had the Vans pros having a good time, doing their thing and representing all weekend!

Here is some points of interest.

-Kyle Baldock won $5,000 in the Dirt best trick event for a Front Flip Cliff Hanger??!! 

-15 riders wearing Vans in Dirt semi finals in a field of 28. 

-TJ Ellis won semi finals, the preliminary final and finally took 3rd in the 8 man Dirt final. He did a bunch of front flip whips, the trick that took him out for most of 2011 with a torn ACL knee ligament.

-Dak, Josh Harrington and Sean Sexton were in Street and Street style events and all three were carrying injuries all weekend. They still rode and pedaled through the pain. Respect.

-Scotty Cranmer wearing a full face helmet. With the recent head injury to friend of the Vans team Brett Banasiewicz, Scotty decided to lead by example. All riders in the Dew Tour had to pass helmet checks. No soft foam skate helmets were allowed. We recommend you check out the bike specified Pro -Tec helmets and look after your brain, you only get one. Also congrats to Scotty grabbing 3rd in Street Style. Did you see those flip transfers??!!

-Bruno Hoffmann came all the way from Germany and got on the Street podium. Bruno has been blowing lately and this is a great way to wrap up the year. The Street final was insane. Congrats!

That's it for Dew Tour this year with only two stops. Lets see what 2013 brings!

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Dew Tour SF preview


The boys have arrived in San Francisco, California for the second and final Dew Tour stop for the year.

Back in August, stop 1 in Maryland included Park and Vert, this stop in San Francisco has Street Plaza, Street-Style and Dirt. Street-Style is something new and exciting. It's a section of road with different obstacles that the rider can hit from a starting point to the finish, and Street is set up in a more plaza style atmosphere.

Look for Vans riders in Dirt including Cory Nastazio, Scotty Cranmer, Rob Darden, Andy Buckworth, Pat Casey, TJ Ellis, Gary Young, Kyle Baldock, Daniel Sandoval, Ryan Guettler, Cam White and Luke Parslow.

Street Plaza Ty Morrow, Bruno Hoffman, Dakota Roche, Josh Harrington, Sean Sexton and Dan Lacey.

TV coverage in the USA is as follows...
Dirt 10/20/12 Saturday NBCSN 11PM EST
Street-Style 10/21/12 Sunday NBC 2pm EST LIVE
Street 10/21/12 Sunday NBCSN 11pm EST

For more info on Dew Tour go HERE and follow @vansjerry and @vansbmx66 on twitter and instagram for live news.

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Texas Toast finals video


Gary Young and Chase Hawk get some clips in this and unfortunately Chase broke his leg at the event and will be out for six weeks. Gary's Ice to fakie was unofficially the trick on the contest. Looked like a great time in Texas! BMX is alive and well!

2012 Texas Toast Finals - More BMX Videos

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Rebel Jam BMX Videos keep on coming!


Rebel Jam video keep popping up all one the inter web and here we have two bangers from Red Bull and Ethika to check out as well. The location for Rebel Jam was so amazing this year it's a sure thing that we'll see more to come. Red Bull Rebel Jam wrap up here. Ethika Rebel Jam Video

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CVLT Premiere and TX toast this weekend!


This Friday night October 12th in Austin, TX the long awaited CVLT video "TALK IS CHEAP" is set to Premiere. Look for full parts from Vans pros Dakota Roche, Chase Hawk, Baz Keep, Tre Jones, Bobby Simmons and Timmy Theus.

On Saturday 13th and Sunday the 14th also in Austin, the Texas Toast is on again. This year Taj went bigger and better with Street, Dirt, Flat and the "Gauntlet of Death". I'm sure it will be very challenging again. Last year only a few made it through, Scotty Cranmer was the first I believe.

Look for these Vans pros to compete at Texas Toast...

Street - Gary Young, Sean Sexton, Dakota Roche, Ryan Guettler, Chase Hawk, Ben Hennon, Trey Jones, Eric Lichtenberger, Dillion Lloyd, Ronnie Napolitan, Hoang Tran, Dan Foley,  and Codey Levesque

Dirt - Chase Hawk, Gary Young, Dakota Roche, Ryan Guettler, Ben Hennon, Kevin Kalkoff, Rob Darden, Trey Jones, Ronnie Napolitan, Codey Levesque, and Dan Foley

Flatland - Matthias Dandois, Alex Jumelin.

Registration for Texas Toast has closed, and it will $5 to get in. For more info check the site HERE and also check out the video interview with Taj as he explains a few things.

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RebelJam Highlights Video


The world’s top BMX riders gathered in Tossa de Mar, Spain this weekend, 5-7 October, to ride the Street, Flatland, Park and Dirt features of the incredible Europark set up during the 6th Annual Vans Rebel Jam. Video by Alex Baret

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RebelJam 2012 results!


RebelJam 2012 is over, thanks to all the watched the great coverage online and if you were lucky enough to attend I'm sure you had the best weekend ever. Start saving and get to RebelJam 2013!

For more results, head HERE to the official RebelJam site. They're replaying the coverage from the event in case you missed it. 

PARK Hard Trick Award 1. Andy Buckworth 2. Daniel Sandoval 3. Ben Hennon
PARK Creative Award 1. Gary Young 2. Ben Hennon 3. Maxime Charveron
PARK Style Award 1. Kevin Kalkoff 2. Bas Keep 3. Daniel Sandoval

FLAT Style Award 1.Matthias Dandois 2. Jesse Puente 3. Kevin Nikulski
STREET 1. Dan Lacey 2. Bruno Hoffmann 3. Diogo Santos 4. Ed Zunda 5. Dakota Roche

DIRT Hard Trick Award 1. Daniel Sandoval 2. Rob Darden 3. David Godziek
DIRT Style Award 1. Daniel Sandoval 2. Dan Foley 3. Kevin Kalkoff

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RebelJam has started!


Practice has started in Spain, live coverage online beginning on Saturday 6am EST HERE and Sunday same time. (12 noon in Spain)

Park, Dirt, Flat and Street disciplines with Vans Pros Dakota Roche, Gary Young, Daniel Sandoval, Dan Foley, Rob Darden, Andy Buckworth and the Euro Vans crew including Matthias Dandois, Bruno Hoffmann, Matt Priest, Dan Lacey, Ben Hennon and Mark Webb.

Keep up with @vansrebeljam on twitter and instagram for live updates.

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CVLT Pro-Tec Bike Helmet


"We blended CVLT's raw and gritty style with our iconic Classic helmet, delivering a modern, yet underground, look. Features a satin black shell with CVLT and Pro-tec co-branding on the helmet shell and woven labels. Ride in style with this cult classic."

Our EPS foam liner mimics the comfort and feel that we've become known for in our soft 2-stage foam skate helmets. Five sizes ensure you'll find a size that fits your head properly.

CPSC/CE certification. Pro-tec site HERE

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Mark Webb - My Dream


Nice little documentary into the life of English Pro Mark Webb. Film by JC Pieri.


Cam White San Fran Dew Tour preview


In just under three weeks time, Vans BMX Dirt stars TJ Ellis, Cory Nastazio, Luke Parslow, Ryan Guettler, Kyle Baldock and Cam White will be going to battle in San Francisco, California for the Dew Tour.

Here's a little catch up video with Cam White. Nice to see some Dane Searls footage in there too.

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Rebel Jam this week!

Riders from all over are on their way to Spain this week as Vans Rebel Jam begins this Friday October 5th! Dirt, Park, Street and Flatland disciplines with 20,000 Euro up for grabs.

Keep an eye on the official site HERE and hope to see you there!