Catching Up With Coco


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Parslow Wins Xtreme Thing Vegas contest


Luke Parslow looks like he is starting a winning streak with a 1st place finish at the Nasty Jam last months ago and now taking top honors at the Extreme Thing Dirt contest in Las Vegas. Rumor had it that the jumps weren't very good, but if you know Luke he can shred anything. Our boy and VH1 celebrity, Cory Nastazio also makde the trek to shred and came home with a 4th place finish.

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Final Day in Phoenix with Pro-tec & Vans


From Alistair: "Day 3: Loaded up the RV and stopped by Stephen's house to ride his jumps in the back garden. He had a crazy 30-ft tall drop off roll in that gave you mad speed. After a fun session we stopped by Foundry Moto to do a Pro-Tec photo shoot. Foundy builds hot rod chopper bikes and there garage is a great back drop. Our friend gator is looking a bit fatter and extremely dangerous so we didn't pick the alligator up this year. Then we drove to the Aba track to check out some practice and the drag strip in back. We saw a van do a wheelie and some funny cars go 130mph. The race ended up being long but packed with excitement. Hennon had some issues with qualifying bu made it to the main with Gary and pummeled a guy who tried to make a pass on him. Hennon left him in the dirt, literally. Gazza claims he got 3rd but had to stick with a 4th place. I had a rough gate start and pulled off a 5th place finish to end the dusty weekend."

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Ali & Gary in Phoenix Day 2


Day 2 update from Alistair: "Yet another day of sunshine and riding bikes. We headed to the airport and picked up Gazza Young then drove straight into the hood and pulled up to a half burnt down house with what would off been the hot spot of the ghetto, with a massive empty pool. Really fun flowing pool. Gary didn't harm the coping but he did do a scary tire slide to sprocket bash. So nuts. Then we hit up the Tempe bowl for a quick carve and it was time for training so we hit up a private backyard pump track to get ready for the Saturday ABA BMX race. Insane fun and alot of effort. We BBQ and chilled with the locals and might have bashed their jumps. On the way back to the house we decided to stop at the Chandler BMX track to see some old friends which turned into padding up and completely knackering ourself out with gate practice and hot laps. Good times. Headed to Foundry Moto today (Friday) to see the alligator and check out the pre-dice party. Hennon's tan is looking prime." - Ali

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Ali in Phoenix


Alistair, Gary and Ben Hennon are all out in Phoenix this week hitting up some skateparks and racing the first day of the ABA BMX National on Saturday. Ali and Ben rode all day yesterday and had this to report: Day 1 of the Protec/Vans trip was epic. It started off at the Chandler park and it was bright and hot- mid 90s. But I was not complaining because I left 37 degree weather in PA. So I'm happy. Then we loaded the rig up and the fridge and drove into Indian land and sessioned some private trails and found the good lines. It was a little windy but we made it work. Around the jumps were mad old cars just rotting in the sun. W drove further into the desert to find a pool, but not for a quick dip- to slash some coping and carve the light. Good times. On google earth all morning to find another empty deep end. More soon. Picking up Gazza right now....

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Chase Hawk Vans Video Vault Owens Hi 2


If Chase laces them, you know they're good shoes for riding. Check out the new Vans Video Vault over on Vital BMX and get an up close look at the details on Hawk's new colorway and watch him lay down some of the most stylish 360s from a recent Cult trip to NorCal.

Vans Video Vault: Chase Hawk - More BMX Videos

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Scotty Cranmer & the CULT Crew at the House Of Vans

Dan Lacey Scores RIDE UK Cover


UK heavy hitter, Dan Lacey scored the cover of Ride UK Issue 150 bu 360ing a gigantic double set in Hastings. In fact, Lacey gapped the set for the famous 100th issue cover back in the day. History repeats itself? Check the behind the scenes info on Ride UK.


BMX Night at House of Vans Tonight


Tonight at the House of Vans in Brooklyn, NY, the first ever BMX night presented by Cult. A $500 Best Trick contest, prizes, giveaways, food and dj starts at 7pm and goes until 11pm. Dakota Roche, Scotty Cranmer, Robbie Morales will all be in attendance.


MAckay rides War Zone in Kuwait


Vans rider Colin Mackay is riding in Kuwait right now. He sent us an update to what crazy stuff has been going on:
"Whats up everyone? I'm over in Kuwait and Iraq touring the military bases putting on Demos and hanging with the troops.
It's been a great trip do far and we have two more bases to visit and we will be back home.
We survived three mortar attacks at one base all in one day! One coming in just 100 meters from us! We have toured the F-16 and Black Hawk planes and we travel daily in C-130's.
Probably the highlight so far is visiting Baghdad learning a bunch about Saddam Hussein and getting to visit his Palaces, we even slept at one!
Pretty pumped to get this opportunity, I just wish we had someone filming this trip! " - Colin

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17-yr Old Pat Casey Wins Toronto BMX Jam


Vans rider Pat Casey took the long trek north to stomp out a win at the Toronto BMX Jam this weekend. Casey qualified 4th into the finals with a big 360 triple tailwhip on the home spun BMX park course and claimed the victory in the finals on Sunday. Pat recently switch to home study to make more time for riding and traveling and it looks like it's paying off pretty quickly for the 17-yr old from Placentia, CA. Pat just got back from Estonia a couple weeks ago where he placed 4th at Simpel Session. Go check out RideBMX for photos and video from the event and then go friend Pat on Facebook.




Gary Young's video part just dropped on Odyssey this morning and there are some wild moves in this 3 minute part. I won't spoil it for you but, Gary carves one of the tightest curved wall ride things we've ever seen. Lots of San Diego and Austin, TX footage with some PA Trails mixed in there from the fall. Check it out over on Odyssey BMX. Warning: Gary wears shorts while doing a feeble grind in one clip. Gary is currently on Mega Tour in TX with the Sunday Bikes team shredding hard.

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Vans BMX Am Contests 2011


The 4th Annual Vans BMX Am Contests are happening in April this year. At the Vans park in Orlando, FL it's going down Saturday, April 2nd & at The Block in Orange, CA it will be Saturday, April 23rd. Guest judges include Vans pro riders Cory Nastazio, Ryan Guettler, Chase Hawk, Scotty Cranmer & many more. Contest is open to the public and click Read The Rest to get all of the info. Skate sessions canceled those days & the park will be open for BMX all day!

Vans Skatepark
Festival Bay Mall
Orlando, FL

Sponors: Pro-tec, Subrosa, Shadow and Rockstar
Guest Judges: Ryan Guettler, Scotty Cranmer, Josh Harrington, Colin Mackay, Alistair Whitton and Ronnie Surridge.

Saturday, April 23rd

Vans Skatepark
The Block
Orange, CA

Sponsors: CVLT, Pro-tec and Rockstar
Guest Judges: Cory Nastazio, Chase Hawk, Dakota Roche, Gary Young, Luke Parslow and Coco Zurita

10am - 3pm - Practice
11am - 2pm - Registration
3pm - Contest Start

3 Divisions
Ages 6 - 13
Ages 14 +

$10 Registration - Members
$15 Registration - Non-members
* Both include day pass to practice

Winner from each division gets a pass to ride for free at Vans Skatepark for one year, sponsor prize pack and a trophy. 2nd and 3rd place receive sponsor prizes and trophies.